Sparky Fact: Not a Fan of Studying



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  1. bob says:

    you should always study for test and try hard at everything u do

  2. furryfeather75 says:

    I am REALLY smart and unless my parents make me, I don’t study. I always get good grades so either way the test is a mint(Lol, we get mints before our tests).

    • FoxPower says:

      You should study anyway even when everything comes easy to you. The time will come when you will get one or more subjects that are hard and you will need study habits to do those.

      • DDRGirl says:

        Feather, You want to know why you get mints? You get them because studies show that you get better grades when eating or sucking on mint. I think the same thing goes for chewing gum during a test…*Gets Silent* You know, I think I should try that….xD

  3. Bioboy76 says:


  4. Narniaisawesome1412 says:

    How could you not love to study! I absolutely ADORE studying and school! It is so awesome to learn new things! I have NEVER In My Life gotten a grade below a B+ . I mostly get A’s.

    ~NIA1412 :-)

  5. pumpkin7203 says:

    Hello, everyone! i’m lucky, because i don’t have to study. i homeschool. you probably should. it’s better than school anyway.

  6. christine says:


  7. winpanda says:

    ya sparky STUDY! anyway i got a new signature want to hear it ok
    winpanda is my username who likes it?

  8. Harrypotterrocks says:

    I agree w/ u benny!!!
    He’s right sparky, you really should study, things could get ugly.


  9. Emmett says:

    First comment! Woo!

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