November’s Featured Pet

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  1. Horsecrazy says:

    DUDE!!! These are amazing!!! They are so cute!!!

  2. webkinzwolflover111 says:

    I LOVE the Bernese mountain dog! I have two Bernese mountain dog, Great Pernese mix, so I must have him!

    • Zoostar5 says:

      Do you know what he comes with?

    • puppies4me says:

      OH MY! You’re soo lucky to have those dogs! Although I can’t own a dog, Great Pyrenees have been my favorite breed for many years. Ever since I met Blizzard, a Therapy Dog that often came to Shriner’s Hospital. I was an adult with a child in there, but I always hugged and hugged Blizzard. I really appreciate GANZ having realistic colors and markings on pets. Now that they have produced this sweet Bernese Mountain Dog, I hope GANZ comes out with a Great Pyrenees pet, (even a virtual) that, as described on, “is large and rugged, resembling a majestic white bear.” In my own words, “a large, loyal, majestic white teddy bear, with such soft eyes and puppy expression even as adult dogs, that you can’t help but FALL IN LOVE with them.” Unless you don’t like large dogs…maybe…lol

  3. sev02 says:

    I am in the Pet of the Month club, but the pet I received this month was the Misty Koala rather than the actual ppet of the month

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:


  5. strawberryswirls27 says:

    love the dog!

  6. cat2f says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a frosty fawn? I really want one and it isnt on the ganz estore anymore.

  7. cat2f says:

    I love that cute little doggy! I only have 3 dogs on my account right now. I really want the snow soft kitty!

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