On the First Day of Christmas…Contest!

…what did your true love give you? We’re making a Webkinz version of the classic holiday song, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ and we want your suggestions!


Which Webkinz World item, clothing or pet would your true love give you on each day? Is it from eStore? The WShop? Is it a prize or an exclusive? It can even be a game or an event – whatever you think works best!


On the first day, there will be one thing, on the second day, there will be two things, on the third day, three things, etc., etc.


Every weekday, there will be one Contest a day – each for a different day of the song – where you can submit your suggestions, and if your suggestion is selected to be used in our song, you will win a virtual Webkinz 2017 Christmas Stocking!



Here is the contest schedule:

Wednesday, November 1 – On the FIRST day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

Thursday, November 2 – On the SECOND day of Christmas…

Friday, November 3 – On the THIRD day of Christmas…

Monday, November 6 – On the FOURTH day of Christmas…

Tuesday, November 7 – On the FIFTH day of Christmas…

Wednesday, November 8 – On the SIXTH day of Christmas…

Thursday, November 9 – On the SEVENTH day of Christmas …

Friday, November 10 – On the EIGHTH day of Christmas…

Monday, November 13 – On the NINTH day of Christmas…

Tuesday, November 14 – On the TENTH day of Christmas …

Wednesday, November 15 – On the ELEVENTH day of Christmas…

Thursday, November 16 – On the TWELFTH day of Christmas…



Each day, visit the Contest page to submit your suggestion for that day. The entries will be judged by the creative team at Webkinz, based on which suggestion we think will work best.  We won’t be releasing the winners’ names until we release the song in early December so that it is a surprise for everyone!



See full contest rules.

75 Responses to On the First Day of Christmas…Contest!

  1. Matoaca113 says:

    When will the winners be announced?

  2. hannah5banana says:

    That was such a fun contest. I was wondering though if the 12 winning entries will be the 12 items that Ms. Birdy gives us this Christmas for the 12 days of Christmas in the Clubhouse. That would be awesome!

  3. duff428 says:

    Thanks for a fun contest! I am excited to hear the lyrics that won.

  4. 4pipylong says:

    My parents wont let me enter it. :(

  5. bubbashuka says:

    Darn! I forgot to do it yesterday. :/ Oh well! More days are to come!

  6. Furbyamy says:

    Hi Everyone! How is everyone doing? I don’t see the thing for day 4?

  7. Jessmine2 says:

    I don’t see Day 4 for today (Saturday) on the Contest page. Has it moved?

  8. LeoGrimm says:

    I can’t find the submission page for the fourth day.

  9. dianetesnear says:

    where is the 12 days of christmas contest I have entered every day but it is not on here any more WHATS UP

  10. W5kinz says:

    Im confused. So, we just list everything we would like to win? or just list one thing on day one, two things on day two…etc. Do we have to put it to song?

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