One Day Only: Save 20% on Virtual Elephants!



The big day is here! If you missed out on the plush Webkinz Elephant before it sold out, today, September 22, 2023, #ElephantAppreciationDay, is your opportunity to adopt the virtual version of this adorable pet for 20% off the regular purchase price!
Today only, Next players can visit the Adoption Center to purchase the virtual Next Elephant for just 120 Diamonds! And Classic players can find the virtual Classic Elephant at Ganz eStore and in the Classic WShop for just 12,000 eStore Points!


Each virtual Elephant comes with the Saharan Savannah Shower (PSI) and the Creamy Peanut Parfait in Next, and Peanut Butter Sundae in Classic (PSF).


And of course, in Webkinz Next you can spark adorable Webkinz babies by combining a Sparks from your Elephant with a Spark from another pet! Each pet comes with three Sparks!



Today only is a big day for a big pet! Don’t miss out on big savings!



6 Responses to One Day Only: Save 20% on Virtual Elephants!

  1. Anathema says:

    I wish the Next elephant had grey eyes in the game as the plush does. I had an entire storyline involving the cat and the elephant having the same eyes (as the plush do) only to adopt my elephant and have him stare at me with his very blue eyes. sigh (this was long prior to this post, when all we had to go on was that pop up of the two plush together.)

  2. AUNT09 says:

    I found my answer. Thank you any way

  3. AUNT09 says:

    Can this elephant be use in Classic Webkinz ? Or just in Next ?

  4. netge says:

    I bought the elephant in Classic from the estore, but got a 16 digit code that does not work in the code redemption area and is too long for the adoption area. Please advise, is there a glitch? How do I get the correct code?

  5. gml814 says:

    HELP!!! What in the world?? I just bought the virtual elephant for 12000 points and got a 16 digit code for the Code Shop. Not a Pet code of 8 digits!! I don’t dare redeem that w22… code. I do not want some little item for 12000 of my epoints. Please reply!!

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