The Southwestern Camper is the latest Kinz Cottage!

September’s Kinz Cottage has arrived: Southwestern Camper


Give your pet a little getaway inside this cute little camper! They’ll feel simply sensational after a little stop-over stay-cation!


Watch for the companion item, Southwestern Fence, to be released next week!


You may find a new Kinz Cottage and companion item each month at eStore!


14 Responses to The Southwestern Camper is the latest Kinz Cottage!

  1. fedorovgirl says:

    That camper is GORGEOUS!!

  2. wingsfan65 says:

    What a beautiful camper! The whole Southwestern theme is fantastic, by the way — one of my very favourites :) Well done, Webkinz designers!!

  3. africanlioness says:

    I love, love the camper! It’s adorable!

  4. kalcan8 says:

    Well done Ganz artists! You can always tell when you’ve done an extra-phenomenal job when we find ourselves wishing for the new item irl. My family would go crazy for this. (although for us it would be less cacti and cliffs, and more woods and waterfalls, but I get that it’s a southwestern theme.)

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