Open your Spring Celebration Gift today in Webkinz Next!

Today is Spring Celebration Day! Be sure to log in to Webkinz Next to collect your Spring Celebration Day basket.

Collect your Spring Celebration Basket from the message center, drag it into your room and click on it to reveal three sweet gifts: A Chocolate Egg Fridge that holds 16 food items, a Chocolate Candy Bunny that you can feed to your pet and a Spring Blue Bunny Plushie for your home.

We’re so excited to share these new items with you. Which item was your pet’s favorite?

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10.



4 Responses to Open your Spring Celebration Gift today in Webkinz Next!

  1. P00KA2 says:

    Totally agree as well Really would love this Easter basket as an object I can place ! :) it’s so cute!

  2. outgoinglyshy says:

    I agree! I almost don’t want to open the basket because it is so cute! :)

  3. crystalfawns53 says:

    I can’t decide!!! All of these items look amazing! I decided to place/store all of these items in my Easter room. But for the future, is it possible if we could have a decorative item version of the easter basket that our gift box comes in like how it is for Classic? I really like collecting the baskets as well.

    • kalcan8 says:

      I agree! The baskets are often such beautiful pieces of art in their own right. Although I know that the point is to actually open the gift and receive the presents hidden inside, I find myself with lots of unopened gifts from holidays past piled up in my dock, at least on my side accounts. Please continue to consider making all of the stunning artwork gift baskets/boxes placeable room decorations. Thank you!!

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