Pet of the Month Prizes!


When you adopt a Webkinz pet while it’s the Pet of the Month, you’ll receive a loot bag filled with some cool things, including a gift box containing special items you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s a look at all of the prizes inside that you’ll get to choose from!





Keep watching Webkinz Newz each month to find out which Webkinz pet will be the next Pet of the Month!


How many Pet of the Month prizes have YOU collected? Let us know in the comments below.


61 Responses to Pet of the Month Prizes!

  1. Torox2 says:

    Hi there, if you have any seeds left I would love them! Trying to expand my gardens as much as possible:)

  2. goofyoldgranny says:

    I have all of these items. Considering I have over 900 Webkinz pets, I guess that’s no surprise. I have duplicates of some of them. Would be willing to share if you let me know what you need and friend me.

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