Pick Apples in the Park!



The new Farm Kitten was so excited to attend the Kinzville Academy. It decided that to make the best impression on Ms. Cowaline, it would bring her a shiny apple! But this cute little pet is so generous, it wanted to give everyone a chance to get an apple too! That’s why it planted an apple tree in Kinzville Park.


From September 1 to 30, look for the apple tree in the Park and click on it to have a Prize Apple  added to your Dock. Then drag the Prize Apple into your pet’s room to earn one of these sweet prizes!



Maple Apple Cider
Hazelnut Apple Slices
Orchard Apple
Fresh Apple Pie
Slice of Fresh Apple Pie



Apple Farmer’s Dress

Apple Farmer’s Overalls

Apple Farmer’s Sunhat
Apple Farmer’s Shoes
Apple Farmer’s Boots
Apple Farmer’s Cap
Apple Farmer’s Green Overalls
Apple Farmer’s Green Dress
Apple Farmer’s Green Shoes
Apple Farmer’s Green Cap
Green Apple Basket
Apple Basket
Apple Farmer’s Satchel


Apple Farm Window
Apple Picking Sign
Apple Farm Fence
Apple Farm Floor Tile
Candy Apple Crate Fridge
Golden Delicious Apple Seeds
Red Delicious Seeds
Green Apple Tree Seeds

54 Responses to Pick Apples in the Park!

  1. LdyRBud says:

    Farm Fresh Apple Seeds will they be made available for purchase again?

  2. bsnd500 says:

    Apple tree not working today…9-30. It was about 8 PM est. Did it stop at a certain time? It was still in the park

  3. sarabeara1234 says:

    Can we please get pictures or a gallery of all the prizes like there usually is for things like Fall Fest and other events?

  4. WebPets19Love says:

    The apple tree isn’t working in the park today for some reason. Every time I tried clicking on it all my pet did was stand on top of it and I never got an indication that an apple had gone into my inventory. Please fix this as soon as possible. WebPets19Love

  5. gingerdare says:

    FYI, the fresh apple pie is a presentable.

  6. string says:

    I love getting free food! Seems my pets have a bad case of tape worm! I spend lots of time feeding them. They can be at 100 but after some games they are at 0. Calling Dr. Quack, we need more tonic ;) Am I alone on this?

  7. ArcanineEspeon says:

    These (well some of them) (most of the things that aren’t food) are exciting prizes! And what I really like is how it’s like Peek A Newz except it’s easier for me to remember to go to the Park than to do Peek A Newz! Or maybe I’m just excited because the first item I opened was rare.

  8. bkbauer says:

    3 days and 3 hazelnut apple slices. Really?

  9. alucard says:

    I like all the prizes, except for the food (sorry, I don’t like getting “food” as a prize anytime). I do have a question about one of the “Rare” prizes. Why is the Apple Picking Sign a “Rare”, when it is a prize on one of the current Wheels? The other Rare Apple Prizes are really nice, but the sign? Meh! Not really. Sorry, just my opinion. I do LOVE all the other prizes, except the food, of course. ;-) Ha!

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