Pick Apples in the Park!



The new Farm Kitten was so excited to attend the Kinzville Academy. It decided that to make the best impression on Ms. Cowaline, it would bring her a shiny apple! But this cute little pet is so generous, it wanted to give everyone a chance to get an apple too! That’s why it planted an apple tree in Kinzville Park.


From September 1 to 30, look for the apple tree in the Park and click on it to have a Prize Apple  added to your Dock. Then drag the Prize Apple into your pet’s room to earn one of these sweet prizes!



Maple Apple Cider
Hazelnut Apple Slices
Orchard Apple
Fresh Apple Pie
Slice of Fresh Apple Pie



Apple Farmer’s Dress

Apple Farmer’s Overalls

Apple Farmer’s Sunhat
Apple Farmer’s Shoes
Apple Farmer’s Boots
Apple Farmer’s Cap
Apple Farmer’s Green Overalls
Apple Farmer’s Green Dress
Apple Farmer’s Green Shoes
Apple Farmer’s Green Cap
Green Apple Basket
Apple Basket
Apple Farmer’s Satchel


Apple Farm Window
Apple Picking Sign
Apple Farm Fence
Apple Farm Floor Tile
Candy Apple Crate Fridge
Golden Delicious Apple Seeds
Red Delicious Seeds
Green Apple Tree Seeds

53 Responses to Pick Apples in the Park!

  1. Hari30 says:

    could you put the image of the prizes up? I would really like to know what they look like :)

  2. pinkiecupcake says:

    What fun!

  3. Elizabeh says:

    I have most of the prizes EXCEPT I have NO apple seeds or apples ! Would be happy to trade some of the other prizes for seeds !? See you on the forums or in the trading room, with my cat Truffle, as noonesfriend

  4. Charlestonian says:

    Now this I am excited for ! I have 9 accts. and NO Red; Gold ; Or Green apple seeds or apples ! Hurray ! Sure hope i get some

  5. nanamama12 says:

    I’m looking forward to getting more of the Green Apple Farmer’s outfits. I didn’t get much the last time around.

  6. megamom12 says:

    Wait, we not only get beautiful prizes for the acorns, but we get a chance to get even more prizes every day????? How cool is that!

  7. 73kibarry says:

    It’s not working for some reason :(

  8. PEBBLES1973 says:

    Thanks farm kitten

  9. LovesStaffordshires says:

    I hope that I can get a few of the apple farmer’s green shoes, green apple basket, apple basket, apple farmer’s satchel, apple farm fence, apple farm floor tile & the golden delicious apple seeds. Pittiesrule

  10. a5t says:

    Wow! This is an extra bit of icing on the cake for this month! Thank you ganz! Your artists must be working overtime!

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