Pick up your Gift Box from Cowabelle in the Kinzville Park!


After a busy weekend prepping for Webkinz Day, Cowabelle is handing out Gift Boxes in the Kinzville Park until April 25th!



Click on Cowabelle in the park to get your gift and drag and drop it into your pet’s room to claim your prize! There are 8 prizes to collect:




Want the chance to get a BONUS Gift Box? From April 20 – April 26 we’ll be giving away Gift Boxes right here on Webkinz Newz! Just look for the floating Gift Box and CLICK IT to have one added to your webkinz.com account (limited to 1 BONUS Gift Box per account, per day).





101 Responses to Pick up your Gift Box from Cowabelle in the Kinzville Park!

  1. ilovewebkinz708 says:

    cant wait til webkinz day when it turns 10

  2. ilovewebkinz708 says:

    cool, but i have some of those prizes from other events already and the rest aren’t even that exciting-no offense. But when Cowabelle became Mayor that is a pretty big thing and I thought we’d all have to complete something to get some really cool cowabelle themed objects that lead up to a huge prize, like the grand prizes in the flower and marshmallow and acorn, etc. collections. :(

  3. Kolo says:

    What about the rainbow fences

  4. HeavenFire25 says:

    Is it just me or is cowabelle not in the park

  5. Lilgirl101 says:

    Yea, at first I couldn’t find her either. Email the Support team for an answer or something. And I trade her prizes, and send them as gifts. Friend me. I’m: Sammy1507.

  6. beth88 says:

    I never find anything floating around kinznewz :(

  7. Defend_The_Chihuahuas says:

    Hi Michael Webkinz can you be my bff

  8. littledancer says:

    I’m glad that they are giving more prizes on webkinz newz but I have looked in every single park and I have talked with people on KCplus and NO ONE can find Cowabelle! SHE IS NOT IN THE PARK!!!!!

  9. BrightnSinging2Carrots says:

    Gennelle, something weird just happened. I signed in to one of my accounts and turned my phone on. It said that one of my friends had signed in, but my account username was showing up on its own friends list (although you can’t friend-request yourself). What is going on?

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