Play Atomicolicious on Webkinz Next!


Have you seen the latest update to Webkinz Next! Play your first game against an opponent! Head to the Arcade and select Atomicolicious to go head to head with the game master himself, Sparky!


The game works the same way it does on Classic. Make a group of three or more to fill your beakers. Match 4 or 5 to get an extra turn, match KinzCash coins to get bonus KinzCash, and match droppers to drain your opponent’s beakers!


Don’t let your time run out! Have fun challenging Sparky — how many games can you win?

Download Webkinz Next now — available for iOS, Android and Windows 10.


19 Responses to Play Atomicolicious on Webkinz Next!

  1. executiveostrich says:

    My boyfriend and I really enjoy this game! I hope someday we are able to play against each other on Next.

  2. KSC says:

    I’ve played a couple of rounds and found that I really enjoy this game!

  3. megamom12 says:

    I can not express how excited I was to find out that I can play this game in NEXT! I absolutely LOVE this game in the Arena and can’t always find a friend to play with. I spent all of my plays this morning and had a lovely time!

  4. Monkeyringprince says:

    Great! I am gonna try it! P. S LOVE Webkinz Next!

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Thank you! I love it! It’s my new guilty pleasure. I keep getting tokens from the machine just so I can play more. The tournament arena on Classic always made me nervous and I couldn’t take the time to focus and figure out how to strategize the game. Even though there is a timer, I still feel like I have a little more breathing room. My only problem is that I am not good enough to earn a ton of KC while playing. Hopefully with practice, that will improve. Thanks again!

  6. lemony says:

    Loving this game! So much fun!

  7. BH1464 says:

    I have played this game several times and have only been able to win once. I don’t particularly care for this version of ‘Goober’s Lab’. I would much rather play against myself, to beat my own top score or to play in the Tournament arena in Webkinz Classic. I really do not like the droppers that sabotage the opponents beaker levels. Sparky seems to really enjoy using them. I was really excited that this was coming to Webkinz Next, but now that I’ve played it, I’d rather not.

    • Zooooooz says:

      @BH1464, I’m with you :) I love Goober’s Lab and Atomic Adventures in classic – -but playing Atomicolicious is very stressful! It’s too bad we can’t choose to play alone. However, I do appreciate every new feature in Webkinz Next! Thank you, Ganz!

    • megamom12 says:

      Hey, I use those droppers as much as Sparky does! Not to mention we can get extra KinzCash!

  8. young797 says:

    THANK YOU so much Ganz for the materials machine, I really needed it, helps immensely!!!!

  9. mfaull says:

    Hello. I am sorry to be off topic, but I am wondering if I have somehow missed Webkinz Next being ready for Macs?

  10. young797 says:

    a lot different than goobers lab but I like it….. off topic, I noticed on adoption board and on my kids some attributes have changed, a lot went from rare to uncommon or common, seems it is harder to get a rare or ultra rare. anyone else notice?

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