Play “Hoppy Little Rocketship” on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone!

Warning!  This Webkinz™ Arcade Game may be Addictive!

Hoppy Little Rocketship has bounced from the Webkinz™ World Arcade to the App Store!  Play on your

iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.

How to Play – Tilt your  iDevice to direct the rocketship toward platforms to bounce higher and higher in the sky.  Beware of Balloons!  Collect powerups like emergency soda boosts.  Don’t fall down too far or your game may be over.  Earn points which can be converted to KinzCash™ Points to send to a Webkinz™ World account.  For every 200 points, you will earn 1 KinzCash™ point.


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39 Responses to Play “Hoppy Little Rocketship” on your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone!

  1. watson1961 says:

    Hie you my pet.Play whit me now.

  2. MORANACORN says:

    I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

  3. dimond galaxy says:

    i love this game it’s so fun. does any one think the webkinz people will come out with new winter pets?

  4. auntrenae says:

    Exciting app I would be able to do it on an ipad. I have quadriplegia an ipad would open up a new gaming opportunities. I would love to win an ipad so I could play-hoppy-little-rocketship. ;-) ;@) $;-)

  5. lolz4fun says:

    i want to get this on my iphone. i am a big fan, but i have no idea if my parents will say okay

  6. Tecko101 says:

    I love playing this on my Apple iMac and I am glad I can put this on my Apple iPod touch (I have it on my iPod touch) so I can play it when I am on vacation

  7. Flower423 says:

    I love webkinz!!!! So awesome. I’m Excited about downloading this app on my iPad!!!

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