Player Appreciation Day is TODAY!


Remember to log in to both Webkinz Classic AND Webkinz Next TODAY—Friday, January 21st, for Player Appreciation Day! Using the Webkinz Classic desktop app, visit the Today’s Activities schedule to receive your special prize for January: A Snowy Bush!


On Webkinz Next, look for the prize notification in your Message Center at the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to receive your Snowy Bush in Webkinz Next.



Please note: this prize cannot be sent, traded, or sold on Webkinz Classic.


PLEASE ALSO NOTE: We learned the Next prize wasn’t showing up for players this morning. The issue has been fixed, so please log out and log back in to find your gift notification in the Message Center.



What are some of YOUR favorite Webkinz outdoor decorations? Let us know in the comments below!




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28 Responses to Player Appreciation Day is TODAY!

  1. mimi1960 says:

    i havent been able to get into my webkinz next account since before christmas

    • ojibwa says:

      My friend damamma hasn’t been able to log in since Thanksgiving! We have been in contact with support many times and have tried everything, but it still won’t work. Wonder if you can get a refund for deluxe if you can’t play?

  2. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Hey! I know this probably isn’t the right place to put this, but I have a serious question. So today I logged onto my estore account so I could go buy something, and I got a message that said I hadn’t been on my account in a long time and it needed to be reactivated or I needed to make a new one. This is extremely concerning. I use my estore account very often (I just used it yesterday!) and have over 40,000 points and not to mention dozens of unadopted virtual pets. I don’t know why this message is showing up, and I’m really not sure what to do. I really don’t want to lose everything I paid for, since that’s hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I have on there!! ‘^^ Is this a glitch…? Is anything else experiencing the same thing? I’ve never seen anything like it! Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

      • TaffyKitty12 says:

        Thanks for the contact info, Sally Webkinz! Hopefully they’ll be able to help me with this!

      • ENCHANTEDISLE says:

        I’m having the same problem Sally, and I’ve sent two emails already.. plus I wrote two times here, but my comments have just been deleted I guess cause I didn’t get any answers back here. I was actually logged into my estore account and bought points, then it threw me out and wouldn’t let me light back in 5 days now. Keep getting a message that I hadn’t used my account in too long needed to be I use it almost weekly.. and now I’m seeing taffy kitty is having same issue.. please let them know people are having issues..I’ve written two emails..still no reply.

  3. Amygirl113 says:

    Thanks so much

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