Player Appreciation Day: January 26, 2019!

This is it! All the campaigning in the fall, and the election has paid off! I am so excited to share your first Player Appreciation Day Gift with you – a 3 Pack of 2017 Winterfest Cookies!

Log in to your Webkinz account today to get a 3 Pack of 2017 Winterfest Cookies added to your dock.


Player Appreciation Days are my way of letting players get a taste of some of the awesome stuff that eStore has to offer. And if you like your 2017 Winterfest Cookies, remember – 2019 Winterfest Cookies are still available!


Drag the pack of Winterfest Cookies into your pet’s room to open it. Once it’s opened, your cookies will appear in your Dock. Drag a Winterfest cookie onto your Webkinz to feed your pet. Each time you do, you’ll have a chance to win one of the following prizes:


35 Responses to Player Appreciation Day: January 26, 2019!

  1. eclipse07 says:

    I really wanted the snow fort sam030507

  2. perfect29_backup says:

    aah i cant believe i forgot!!!

  3. corky10angel says:

    Sadly, I forgot that yesterday was player Appreciation Day…but I’m cool with it…I only needed the boys skates, I had the outfits since last christmas for boy and girl…the castle would be fun though–but no where to put it. I will try harder next time to remember the days of player appreciation day.

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