Podkinz Ep 115: Webkinz BFF Face-Off Game!


In this episode of Podkinz, Mandy & Michael go head-to-head against Sally & Steve as they play a new Webkinz BFF Face-Off game! Which team knows each other the most? You’ll have to watch to find out…



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36 Responses to Podkinz Ep 115: Webkinz BFF Face-Off Game!

  1. mar1ed2 says:

    Hi Micheal, I have been on webkinz since about 16 years and if I was stranded on a island it would be you, your interesting to listen to and sound so up and happy every time I listen to to you I find out something new. I would love to play in the Adventure Park and have not be able to play for such a long time. I’m at the sight were it wants me to play Tunneling Twigzy and my mouse can’t move it at all. Is there a simple way to fix this a good day and hope to hear from yous. May you have nice day and hope to hear from you soon. mar1ed2

  2. EmeraldCity says:

    Congrats Sally and Steve on the BFF Face-Off! This was so fun, y’all are hilarious!

  3. lindze says:

    Hi, I purchased a 1 year deluxe membership and received all benefits, but the golden Dalmatian… I bought the membership just for the Dalmatian… is there any way I can get my pet’s code?

  4. annm2990 says:

    Thanks for answering my letter. I liked all four of the bathroom ideas and I was happy to get my Pink Cheesecake Truffle Tree. Also, It was such a narrow victory for Steve and Sally that you all need to have a rematch!

  5. KSC says:

    Another super fun Podkinz! Thank you, Michael, Mandy, Sally and Steve! Christian, you are an awesome game show host! Watching this episode of Podkinz was a great way to start the day. It made me smile, laugh and feel good despite gray skies and mountains of laundry. Thank you again, and have a great day everybody!

  6. ultimatewebbiefan2000 says:

    Is the host Christian the same guy who does the kinztunes??? That would be amazing as I’m a huuuggge fan!!

    • dixiecup says:

      If I am not mistaken, Christian is the one who always does the podcasts and the Letsbuild@ganz.com Design videos that Michael narrates. If he is also the one who directs and edits the kinztunes, that means he has been with Ganz for quite some time. We’re talking 10 years of excellence, here!

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      I think it might be? I remember someone from an old Podkinz who said they did guitar for some of them and helped make the music for those videos. The name Christian rings a bell there for me; I feel like it was him!

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      Hi ultimatewebbiefan2000… You’re right! Christian worked on Kinztunes and sings several of them as well. You can watch all the Kinztunes videos in the Music Starz section of Webkinz. They are also available on our YouTube channel.

      • dixiecup says:

        You really have a lot of dedicated people working there. No wonder everyone wants to come and work for Ganz LOL so, owing to the fact that he even sang some of the songs, did he sing the Breakout song, ‘Where Did You Get Those Stripes?’ His voice has the right timbre and ‘Hug A Pug?’ There are several of those videos that I find myself singing the words to. They’re whimsical, creative and venture into several different styles. You kept them fresh and exciting and I had no problem buying several CD’s when it was released. It’s one of my ‘road trip CD’s to keep me awake and happy. Thanks so much for the fondest of memories, Christian. Thanks for staying so long with Ganz.

        • dixiecup says:

          Ok, I just went and looked at the videos again! Leonidas is the featured singer for both of those videos. Man are there EVER a lot of Hug-A-Pug videos and they stretch across a lot of years. Even one as recent as 2013 in an exercise video. @_@ talk about longevity. When I watch that video, I see the core of Whip-Nae-Nae! No doubt about it, Webkinz ROCKS!

  7. eclipse07 says:

    If people could stop sending me friend requests it’s freezing webkinz on my computer.

  8. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    This was such a great episode! I loved the BFF game! It was cool having Christian in there too. I always love hearing from other Webkinz employees! Ahaha, I’m glad Sally and Steve won though. XD *cough* For once, Steve won something.. X’D Congrats to you two! I love Sally in the background, “FOR THE WIIINNN!” XD I agree with you about Nafaria too! I read her background story stuff that was posted on Webkinz Newz forever ago. I kinda like Nafaria.. she’s different and interesting. Alyssa is just a typical “good guy” =P I always trade my stars with Nafaria. Ooh, and I would have said Arte for the deserted island thing too! He was the first to come to mind. =) It was fun that you guys went out for tacos too. XD Thanks for another great Podkinz, Webkinz crew!

    • MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

      I know! I was so happy to hear that Christian was in it! Haha, right? I love Sally so much! And my dad says Steve is awesome. Pshhh, right? I LOVE villains! Same here! Oooh, tacos…. Sonata Dusk… *COUGH COUGH*

  9. ultimatewebbiefan2000 says:

    Love the episode. I was really routing for Mike and Mandy…sorry Steve and Sally ;). The game host was a great surprise as well!! I’m already waiting for episode 116. woohoo

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