Podkinz Ep 126: Fall Fest & Trick or Treat Street!


In this episode, Mandy and Michael sneak peek this year Fall Fest prizes. Then Mike, a Webkinz artist, reviews some Trick or Treat Street room designs! At the end of the episode, Mandy gives away a code for a Darling Doe Topiary, a new item that is ONLY available by watching Podkinz:



You can find the Autumn Garden Wallpaper in the DECORATIONS section of the W Shop, under WALLS.


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54 Responses to Podkinz Ep 126: Fall Fest & Trick or Treat Street!

  1. KSC says:

    Hi Mandy, Michael and Mike! Thank you for another great episode of Podkinz! There’s so much good stuff, I feel overwhelmed! I am really looking forward to decorating with the new Trick or Treat Street theme. Mike, it turned out awesome!!! You and the other designers at Ganz did an excellent job. I LOVE the sound effects when you click on the houses! Michael, your room designs are inspirational because they’re so well put together. I hope my rooms come out nearly as well! A big hurray for more types of seeds! Keep them coming! Thank you also for the prize code. The Darling Doe topiary looks beautiful in my garden.

  2. emilyfg17 says:

    Loved this Podkinz! I’m always so happy to see that a new one has been posted. The fall fest prizes look amazing, the artwork is so nice & rustic. Being able to get new seeds for my garden is always great too. I will say I’m a bit disappointed in how the Trick or Treat Street theme has changed, the concept drawings looked great and even though I didn’t originally vote for this theme I was really happy to see how everything turned out. Then after the changes were made, everything got really muted down. I know a lot of people were commenting about wanting a less spooky theme for this year and like the final items a lot better, but to me it feels a lot less like a classic Halloween theme and looks less realistic now. The houses are extremely modern with much duller colors than before and the tree is like a solid sphere/the hedge is like a solid cube. Especially when comparing them to recent years where the items looked spooky and detailed, these items being so different with the lack of realism and the very different color scheme make them unable to fit well with all the other Halloween items I’ve collected over the years. The one awesome thing is the sound effects of the houses though! That was a great surprise, especially since each different colored house has a different effect. I also love the trick or treat bags our pets can wear and the new costumes :) can’t wait to dress up my pets for trick or treating this year.

  3. xamyspur says:

    Love the cucumber seeds! I love to make gardens for my pets. I have garden seeds incorporated up into many outdoor room themes, and also love to make my growing gardens decorative, have several garden mazes with themes such as Halloween, Corn maze, Wacky Zingoz and more! The new fall theme is very nice, and I can’t wait to get some Sea Monster Costumes! Thanks Micheal, Mandy and Mike, for another fun and informative podkinz. My hope is that soon we can have other pets visit out Webkinz homes again soon, that was my favorite part in the past, going to visit other homes to see their designs, and to invite friends over to see my designs! Thanks!

  4. EmeraldCity says:

    Oh!! Sea Monster costume, luv that!!! Hi to all of you thanks so much for everything! :)

  5. IndigoZap says:

    This Podkinz looks interesting, and thank you so much for the free code! (Although, we need a Chef Gazpacho one, too. XD) I can’t wait to watch this soon!

  6. polo says:

    cucumber seeds!! yay!

  7. mamasbaby07 says:

    Wonderful Podkinz just loved the show… Fall Fest is always such a fun event and I love the prizes but how many kids eat hot peppers.. that is the only prize that I did not get excited about… Good Job Michael, Mandy and Mike

  8. kaye10 says:

    ok — you guys have THE best jobs!! best, k.

  9. poofmon says:

    @Micheal I love that the Trick or Treat Street houses have distinctly different music effects. My favorite thing about the houses is that they can also go in an indoor room to make use of seasonal wallpapers. Thank you so much for showing that room design option! I get so disappointed when my outdoor and treetop rooms have inappropriate weather conditions for the decor. Any chance that the older outdoor Christmas and Ski theme buildings can be updated for indoor wall placement to make use of all the fantastic snowy wallpapers and floorings available?

  10. Scorpio says:

    Loved this podcast Michael and Mandy and Mike, and I can hardly wait for the Halloween theme, I love the trick or treat village and the costume, well done Mike and others from the Art Team. Thanks so much Webkinz/Ganz for making this such a fun place to come to and play!!

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