Elven Garden Walls are a Perfect Companion!

Set some boundaries for your colossal kingdom using these glorious Elven Garden Walls! They may even help your defenses when dark forces arise!


Elven Garden Walls are a perfect companion to the Candy Coated Almond Tree!


You may find a new Candy Tree tie-in item each month at eStore!


6 Responses to Elven Garden Walls are a Perfect Companion!

  1. Neette says:

    Question – Are you going to be giving out any more ” Blue Sapphire ” Jewels out this month ? ? ? I need about 6 more. Have not seen any for a while.

  2. nanamama12 says:

    Poor baby!!! Why on earth would he think that he brought bad luck???

  3. kaye10 says:

    hi! weighing in here as I do not see a tab for my comment: this is re: the PEANUT THING… do we celebrate NATIONAL BEE STING DAY OR NATIONAL SNAKE BITE DAY?? there are kids who die just from being close to someone else eating a pb&j sandwich, much less even eating peanuts themselves–just saying, not the peanut’s fault (which btw is totally not a nut but a legume!) but let’s just not CELEBRATE IT. best, k.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      We can guarantee that Webkinz World peanuts are completely allergy-free.

    • nanamama12 says:

      Yes, some people do have severe allergies to different things. My daughter is sensitive to wasp stings, she babysat for a boy who did indeed have a severe peanut allergy. However, bees, snakes and peanuts are important for our environment and our diet so there is no reason NOT to celebrate them. I am impressed that you did know that the peanut is indeed not a nut but a legume!

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