Super School Community Challenge Day 5!


Edited to add: By bandstand we mean the stage. You’ve almost reached today’s goal already. :)


You did it! You completed the challenge! Here is your code for a


Cafeteria Tray



Find today’s challenge above! And come back tomorrow morning after 9:30 am to find out if you reached the goal!


Missed previous days’ codes? Find them here:

Bowl of Apples W24V-7MVR-PGV7-37XJ

Big City Backpack W24U-WL35-8M5Y-PAQ6

Ms. Cowoline Plush W247-TP9U-DYN6-TDHY


Log into your Webkinz account and enter this code at the Code Shop, which can be accessed through the ‘Things To Do’ menu! This code expires at midnight EST November 30, 2019.

50 Responses to Super School Community Challenge Day 5!

  1. Furbyamy says:

    Hi, Yes I went to the stage but the box wasn’t there

  2. Furbyamy says:

    Could someone please help me? I’m in the park and at the stage but don’t see anything at all.

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