Visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse!


There have been some odd happenings in Webkinz and Noble Elk thinks that it has brought bad luck! Now it is hiding in the Clubhouse! Let’s convince the Elk that bad luck is just superstition and that it has nothing to worry about. Visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse every day from September 13 to 29. Click on it to get one Chocolate Wish Token a day.

The Noble Elk Clubhouse Room features items from the new Noble Elf theme. The wallpaper, flooring and the Noble Elk ?? Box are all available at Ganz eStore and in the W Shop, and the Noble Elven Bridge and Castle will be released in Ganz eStore and in the W Shop later this month!


So visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse every day, and be sure to complete the Noble Elk challenge to get to the bottom of the mysterious mishaps around Webkinz World!

18 Responses to Visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse!

  1. kkat says:

    I have fed my pet two chocolate wish coins, but they never show up in the challenge. Once I was still in the Noble Elk room in the clubhouse and another time I was in the arcade. Do you have to be in a special place it to register in the challenge?

  2. sjl44 says:

    Don’t understand why when I feed my pet the token it shows progress and then later same day or next it doesn’t show that I feed him. Has done this on all 4 accounts that I play on. What is going on ?????????

  3. Elfinlike says:

    It was difficult to get to him, because he is right at the entrance, but I did get to him a few times. I’ve already fed my pet twice, and today would have been my third time BUT even thought i clicked on him and cant do it again there is no chocolate coin to feed him ANNNND it shows I haven’t fed my coins at all! Boy, am I frustrated! I hope the moderater can tell me what to do …or perhaps fix my problem??!!??? :)

  4. CaroleF says:

    Yes, what happened to the plan to have the pet for a collection event perched up higher? The poor Noble Elk is just swamped with visitors. Please remind players to MOVE AWAY after they have received their coin. I hate to think that people are staying in place on purpose to block others!

  5. snesmith says:

    Cannot get to him. Some pet named Blossom was blocking forever.

    • Gramkins says:

      I think when pets visit places like the club house & the park, then when they leave & don’t go back home first, the pet just stays. After visiting the park, etc, go back home before visiting somewhere else. Then your pet won’t be stuck in one place in everyone’s way.

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