Take the Noble Elk Community Challenge!


We all need to work together to help the Noble Elk! The Elk thinks it’s bringing bad luck to Webkinz and won’t come out of the Clubhouse! Let’s all go and visit the Noble Elk to show it there is no such thing as bad luck!


If 10,000 Players visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse Room by September 29, you will be awarded with a very special gift from the Order of the Noble Elk – a Noble Elf Cloak.

Be sure to visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse every day and click on it to get a Chocolate Wish Token. And on September 30, come back here to Webkinz Newz to see if the Webkinz Community reached the goal!

22 Responses to Take the Noble Elk Community Challenge!

  1. miraclemary12 says:

    I enjoyed doing the challenge but was disappointed that several of the pets simply stayed on the elk for minutes on end thus keeping others from claiming him. It didn’t help matters that some pets landed on him when they entered the room. Please try to elevate the next pet or have us line up for our turn as you do with Santa at Christmas. I enjoy all your challenges.

  2. tntmonton says:

    It would be really great if you could pick from a list of clubhouse rooms to visit like it used to be, so that you can pick one that is not so crowded.

  3. whiteuni7 says:

    This cloak is amazing! I make sure to visit the Noble Elk in the Clubhouse every time I get on Webkinz!

  4. IndigoZap says:

    I LOVE this cloak! It may be one of my favorite clothing pieces in WW!!

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Travelling cloaks for my LOTR webbies! Oh how I have waited for this day! I will need several, so I was wondering if they are tradeable/sendable? If not, I may have to set up another couple of accounts. LOL!

  6. NinjasHollie says:

    OH MY WORD! I just love that cloak!

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