Podkinz Ep 130: Sneak Peeks & Enchanted Saplings


In this episode, Mandy and Michael sneak peek some future prizes and explain how Enchanted Saplings work in honor of the Supreme Sapling Vote that is currently taking place at Webkinz Newz.



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17 Responses to Podkinz Ep 130: Sneak Peeks & Enchanted Saplings

  1. seevey3 says:

    Isn’t there a pet that is called the Holiday Pup?

  2. Warden says:

    It is now the very early morning of November 12 PST and I have not received my deluxe member monthly gift box yet. Is there a delay because of the holiday? Thank you.

  3. dixieandi says:

    When are the designs from the last clothing design contest being released?

  4. bonesbongo says:

    Michael & Mandy another great podkinz episode. It was nice that you had your special guest the students in the studio observing. Thank you for the code for the Be Thankful Wall Decoration it is lovely. I was surprised when I seen my letter being read. Thank you for the nice gift Soft Spice?? Box it is greatly appreciated. I got the Soft Spice Window it is gorgeous, can’t wait to put it in a room. ~shelkinz67 :}

  5. mrgower says:

    Thanks for reading my letter! I’ll be sure to watch for Doug. I’m sure I’ll see him sometime! And Thanks for the gift! I love it! Your friend, Susiejax :)

  6. Unicornluv246 says:

    Hey SusieJax! If you would like me to, I can send some of the items that I have received multiples of when trading with Doug! UN is Petlover365Bark I wish the basket was a decoration though…

  7. DJ747 says:

    Do we get a new Christmas theme this year in the W-shop?

  8. lzard4 says:

    The updates are really awesome, but it’d be nice if you’d update the broken items that haven’t worked since Webkinz X? was that 2 years ago?

  9. debenett123 says:

    are you going to give away any new things or really old stuff from the first year or so

  10. Wizardsroost says:

    Hey, team, the candy tiles are great. What about other holidays…I sure could use a Christmas/winter themed candy tile. Other seasonal themed candy tiles. Some just regular candy ones….maybe some all chocolate ones…(Also putting in my frequent plea for more Webkinz mice, and a re-color in RED of the Jingle Dragon…please please, pleeeeease!)

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