Podkinz Ep 144: Veggie Fest!

In this episode, Mandy and Michael sneak peek Veggie Fest and show off all the prizes you’ll be able to win during the event. Make sure you watch the whole episode, because at the end, they give away a free code for a Wacky Trophy Pedestal!


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352 Responses to Podkinz Ep 144: Veggie Fest!

  1. momthersday says:

    Thank you so much for this fun new event. I love planting and harvesting seeds. It would be fun to have some new things to make our gardens extra special like plant tags and little fences we could use on the interior of our rooms to go around the different vegetable types. Thank you so much!

  2. DarthFrosty says:

    I may be late to win the barn but thank you for the great webcast!

  3. greyhound says:

    Really looking forward to new veggie seeds! I love to grow things… Thanks for this!

  4. Katz1259 says:

    Another awesome episode guys!! I can’t wait to get more growing seeds! I love all growing seeds and trees, the cherry plum trees are really pretty too! I have so so many gardens , rooms and rooms full of growing plants and now I will have more. I am REALLY glad that we no longer have to weed and water each individual plant in order to grow it!! LOL…. thanks again Michael and Mandy. Stay safe , stay healthy and wear a mask!

  5. Rebathedog says:

    Hi Mandy and Michael. I love listening to Podkinz!! I am a bit late in responding to the Barn Challenge, but I hope you will please please consider my entry. I sure would enjoy winning the Barn. I have been a member of Webkinz since 2006, and now my children are grown and we play Webkinz together! Sending love your way! :)

  6. meandmykatz says:

    not sure if I made the deadline for leaving a comment to win the barn?

  7. 35jam says:

    I love growing veggies in my webkinz yard and I was even more excited when we were able to grow in our rooms! I just can’t wait for veggie fest to collect the new vegetables and fruit!! Oh, and Michael I really love the look of all the rooms you showcase on the podkinz, I especially love your farm!!!

  8. btirwin says:

    Hi Mandy and Michael, I know I’m commenting late, but I just saw the video, and it was amazing! The new growing garden seeds are really cool, and I can’t wait to get more cucumber seeds! (Now if only I could get the squirrels to stop eating my real cucumbers. Lol) You always release great new items, and I enjoy watching your video!

  9. stardogchampion says:

    Hi Mandy and Michael. I just finished listening to Podkinz 144 and I hope it’s not too late to make a comment. I am so excited about the new growing seeds! I remember the days when you had to water and hoe each plant. My garden is getting so big that I will have to create a separate fruit orchard so that I will have room for the new veggies. I can’t wait to start planting the new seeds and making the new recipes! Thank you so much!!

  10. hipopel says:

    My garden will look amazing with such new varieties of veggies! I was wondering if we could get some stakes to go with it. And maybe some raised borders to go around the vegetables beds. That would be amazing.

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