Podkinz Ep 161: Fall Events & Diner Dice!


In this episode, Mandy and Michael explain how the Acorn Collection event works and show off this year’s Fall Fest prizes. They also play Diner Dice, a new arcade game that is now available to play on Webkinz Next!


UPDATE: The Fall Tree Quilt Tile will not be included in this year’s floating leaf prize pool, however you can collect them from Wekinz Newz! From September 20 – 30, look for the floating Fall Leaf Quilt Tile and click on it to send one back to your Webkinz Classic account (limited to 1 per account, per day). Happy Fall Fest!



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21 Responses to Podkinz Ep 161: Fall Events & Diner Dice!

  1. nicetigress says:

    Thanks for another great Podkinz Episode! Thanks for the code!

  2. kmade15 says:

    Great Podkinz! I love the Fall Fest prizes! Thank you!

  3. hannah5banana says:

    Could you please, please, please make a pet version of the owl that you win through the leaves in fall fest? It is gorgeous and would make a beautiful pet!!!

  4. KarenaJ says:

    LOVE the challenges and new games in Next. Now if I could only get my decorating mojo going in Next. So far, that’s not going too swiftly. My rooms are disjointed and sparse.

  5. cowtown2 says:

    wow I thought fall couldn’t get any better, but now you did it again, the cuteness over load Mandy And the Michael. i think the new game might be played a little more so i can catch on to it, this helps thanks, but the baby monkey and mandy the cute pets I love. i hope we can get one like that deluxe time, im running out of names for purple and pink pets, sorry, but i need help with names, then i can add them soon, have a great Fall in webkinz , i hope i have that kind of luck, its like the dice fore me, fun trying it, thank you for the gift two, always nice to see you and to watch a new video, watching you play games is fun.

  6. KSC says:

    Hi Michael and Mandy! Thank you for another great episode of Podkinz. I’m so glad you did a tutorial on Diner Dice. I wasn’t sure about how to keep score. I’m especially enjoying Triple Strike Solitaire and Atomicolicious. Although my pets don’t have much confidence in my ability to play games. I see a LOT of eye rolling and face palming XD. I love the new Fall Fest prizes. I’m going to have to get some of the Fall Fest sodas. My Gobbler Turkey (named Turkie) wants a turkey plushy! Keeping our fingers and talons crossed that we get one!

  7. Likell says:

    Love the prizes for Fall Fest! Thanks Webkinz! Please consider putting floating sodas back in for 2021. Those that can not afford to buy points would love a chance to collect the new prizes.

  8. blurayne says:

    Thank you for the great podkinz! Fall Fest is my favorite activity with Winter Fest being a close second. Looks like my pets will be drinking a lot of soda before the end of the month. :)

  9. megamom12 says:

    Oh, my goodness! So I was out shopping with a friend and we came home to have some iced tea and play Webkinz. I logged onto NEXT and it told me that there was an update. I got so excited to see what we were going to do now and I was NOT disappointed!!!!! I collected apples, checked out the new workbench at the Curio Shop, and had a BLAST playing the new dice game!!!!!! Keep the surprises coming! I’m going to have to warn my pets that there will be plenty of soda to drink as I have every intention of getting that dispenser!!!! Not to mention that I LOVE the quilt squares to make the rugs with!!!! (sigh) It’s going to be a fun fall after all!

  10. threehounds says:

    Off-topic frozenanna2 Not to worry you about this tiara, you were saying you’re not deluxe, but the Fairy Falls is not deluxe the Magic Mire is. The Fairy Falls has the tiara my pet Wanda was wearing, the Magic Mire prize is the swirling leaf tiara you were telling you could were not even close to getting. I want to make it easier for you to get instead of the trading room unless you have a friend that will gift it to you.

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