Podkinz Ep. 163: New Features & Sending Items From Webkinz Next To Webkinz Classic!

In this episode, Karl, the Creative Director of Webkinz, joins Mandy and Michael and sneak peeks some upcoming features on Webkinz Next. He also explains how to send items from Webkinz Next to Webkinz Classic, including items from the Glampire room theme! At the end of the episode, Mandy and Michael give away a code for a bottle of 2020 Fall Fest soda that you can feed to your pet to win a prize!



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60 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 163: New Features & Sending Items From Webkinz Next To Webkinz Classic!

  1. glamor414 says:

    Is this podkinz old? Because I cannot use the giftcode as it says it has already been used? Also, why does the Kinsville Times on Classic not work at certain times? It’s currently just a blank screen.

  2. bed says:

    Webkinz Next Friends ; Could someone send me a soda . Thanks I appreciate it User Name 7bed

  3. bed says:

    Webkinz Next Friends ; Could someone please send me a juice box and a soda . Thanks so much I really appreciate it .. User Name 7 bed

  4. AL96 says:

    Did anyone else have a hard time trying to set up webkinz next? I tried once and my computer froze. I’m not interested in redownloading the game for that reason. If anyone is willing to send the juice boxes to me I can send gifts in return. Thank you. My username is shadowhunter2015

  5. cat161161 says:

    To ha16py my username is cat1611 I can get you. Three fruit. Juices box for you

  6. bright1234 says:

    Please can someone friend me that has next and send me some sodas Thank you Username Bright1234

  7. cookie2231949 says:

    I am unable to get Webkinz Next. Please send juice boxes. PLEASE! I have 20 accounts, Yes 20! You can send the to cookie32114, kivey, kitty32114, tookbook, tookie32114, tookie49, mawmawmarie, cookiegirlal, flsunlvr, spot32114, sunshine32114. thank you so much.

  8. Duckcall says:

    I am also in need of the 3 juice boxes and would be happy if someone sent them to me. My user name is Ha16py. Thank you in advance.

  9. pinkJess says:

    I would be so appreciative of help with 3 juice boxes too. My username is pinkgirly61.

  10. HolliesFollie says:

    I am very unhappy about having to have the Webkinz Next in order to complete a challenge! I’m picky about what is on my computer. Is there a way around this?

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