Podkinz Ep. 19: Back to School



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…Michael Webkinz joins Gennelle as a special co-host to chat about going back to school!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: What’s everyone looking forward to about heading back to class?


Spotlight on…Back to School: All the awesome ways to celebrate the return of school in Webkinz World, including new items and prizes!


What’s Next: We’re going to be talking about creativity! How do you express your creativity? Tell us in the comment section!



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119 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 19: Back to School

  1. mazziypaziy says:

    maybe you should do lets build computer room

  2. adara917 says:

    cool! i didn’t know that they were adding new classroom theme items–i am really looking forward to that library shelf because i already started a webkinz library room! nice back to school episode. i miss mike webkinz, but podkinz is still great. i really need to log in to get those school prizes! i like to be creative in webkinz by taking items i have in my dock and making a cool room out of it with a theme i make up to match!

  3. TennesseeFrogs2 says:

    Uh, what happened to Mike? lol

  4. ILOVEPODKINZ159 says:

    hi podkinz. i have seen some of your episodes!

  5. ArtMagician says:

    Hi Podkinz! I absolutely love being creative. A few ways I show my creativity in my life are singing, drawing, and writing stories! In Webkinz, I like designing my pet’s room a lot and dressing my pets in certain outfits! But one of my greatest accomplishments in Webkinz was being in the top ten in the Design-A-Dog Contest with the Legendary Webkinz Lab among nine other great artists! I also love seeing others’ creative sides by looking at the Fan Art! I just have one question: are drawings on the computer using Paint and such allowed in Fan Art? I’m just asking because at least most of the ones I see posted seem to be drawn by hand. Thanks!

  6. cheyabella says:

    hi podkinz! will u ever do a episode on arte fact ? and what are the best mines to find rare gems?

    • prprprprp says:

      Hi cheyabella, I can answer both of those questions! :) They already did a podkinz episode about Arte, it is called A Special Visit and I think it is episode 6. And for your second question, a gem is called rare because it is only found in the color mine that is the same color as itself. So, if you are looking for the Magic W gem, for example, you would look in the Buried Bones Mine, because that is the White Mine. I hope that helps! :) If you have any other questions, just ask! :)

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