Podkinz Ep. 30: 2014 Year in Review!




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…Gennelle is joined by the creative team — Michael, Steve and Matt — to recap Webkinz’s best of 2014!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: You write in with your favorite things in 2014!


2014 Recap: Let’s chat about what we loved this past year! (Hint: There’s a lot!) Plus, the results of our Podkinz: Best of 2014 Poll!


What’s Next: What we’re looking forward to in 2015!


On behalf of the Podkinz team: Happy Holidays and see you in 2015!



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81 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 30: 2014 Year in Review!

  1. bunnyfunfun101 says:

    amanda panda or miss birdy

  2. cakles1234 says:

    Dear podkinz, my favorite part of 2014 was the new pets and seeing which pets retired! I hope in the future daisy doe will open a restaurant in .w.w. I’m a member and really like the member advantages and highly recommend them. I liked the new room themes my favorite was the red velvet theme. I love webkinz world because no one is treated badly. I also like .w.w. because of podkinz,Ella mcwoolf,and webkinz blog. one last thing is that i love that players can by different pieces from different room themes My biggest accomplishment in 2014 was a tea room! it is awesome! thanks for a spectacular year! cakles1234

  3. rudyxv says:

    That is such a cool podkinz how many of you liked it? rudyxv

  4. ilovefoxes1 says:

    look i know this is off topic but i gotta know, Genelle Webkinz, can you tell us a hint about amazing world Tinker or take the notice down if he doesn’t exist? Thanks

  5. iloveJesus222 says:

    merry Christmas guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. webkinzlove1234 says:

    Hey Gennelle canyou help me the wshop won’t come up I click on it the bar loads then it goes way but the wshop won’t come up can you fix it plez thank you.

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