Podkinz Ep. 51: Room Design Awards Winners and Thanksgiving KinzPost!



In this episode, Michael, Mandy and Maurizio review the Room Design Award winners, read Thanksgiving KinzPost and sneak peek a few upcoming holiday events. At the end of the episode, Mandy and Maurizio go head to head in a game of “How much does it cost?”.


Our next episode will be all about Christmas in Kinzville. Do you and your family have any holiday traditions? What would you like most for Christmas? Let us know by sending us an email at podkinz@ganz.com or, leave a comment in the section below.


Also, the year is almost over and what a year it’s been! So much has happened… Dr. Quack retired, we celebrated our 10th year anniversary and we released Webkinz X! Michael will be holding a  year end quiz on the show with members of the Creative Team but he needs your help with questions! E-mail Michael your Webkinz 2015 trivia questions and he might read them on the show! They can be any kind of question you’d like but, must be about something that happened in Webkinz World d.


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35 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 51: Room Design Awards Winners and Thanksgiving KinzPost!

  1. choover143 says:

    I loved the game. I tried to play the game with everyone. I did okay – next time I will have to keep score.

  2. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    I just sent Michael some cool questions for that New Year Trivia game thing! :)

  3. WebkinzLover2015 says:

    Dear Podkinz, I’m so excited for Christmas!!! My favorite tradition of all is deking our house on Christmas Eve. Every moment of that day is spent together, we just really enjoy that time. My Granny and my mom make those delicious cakes witch are impossible to taste or touch, until Christmas sure. My dad puts up jolly lights and me and my sister decorate The Magic Christmas Tree with all kinds of colorful ornaments, tinsels and little shiny lights , it’s so fun that nobody of us is tired at the end. Until we’re going to bed, all of us come near fireplace to hear The Christmas Story and sing carols. I don’t think in our family would be any Christmas without this story, it just brings us together more and more every time !!! I don’t think that someone is too old to enjoy this story, it makes us understand what it’s Christmas about… Sharing some time and some smileys with our families once a year isn’t that hard, or you can just make someone happy giving a present from your heart. I have too on Webkinz World some special traditions. Every Christmas I sent lots of cards to my friends because they are my family too. Then I put my pets in beds waiting for tomorrow day when they’ll get their Santa Present. All about this Holiday looks so special to me and I hope all people enjoy this time of the year because it’s too beautiful to be missed.

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