Podkinz Ep 59: Podkinz Host Chair Giveaway!


Get ready for another video episode of Podkinz, the official Webkinz podcast! In this episode, Michael and Mandy show off some spring room designs that were created using prizes from this year’s Milk and White Chocolate Eggs. Also in this episode, Michael and Mandy sneak peek some Webkinz Day events and give away a Community Code for a Podkinz Host Chair:



Have a quest for Mandy or Michael? Do you have a comment, game idea or segment idea for the show? Email them to us at podkinz@ganz.com or leave a comment in the comments section below.


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65 Responses to Podkinz Ep 59: Podkinz Host Chair Giveaway!

  1. sparklejelly45 says:

    just got the chair its so cool thanks guys! :)

  2. WobbalyKitty says:

    Love smoothie moves! Thanks for the free code!

  3. nascarchick9 says:

    The video controls at the bottom cover up the code so I am unable to see it.

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