Podkinz Ep 61: The Kinzville Bake Sale Preview Show!


In this video episode, Michael and Mandy combine Baked Goods on a stove and make some of the prizes you can create during the Kinzville Bake Sale which runs from June 1 – 10 in Webkinz World. Then, Michael shows us 2 rooms he designed using Bake Sale prizes. Make sure you listen to the whole episode because at the end of the show, Michael and Mandy give away a code for a Bake Sale Cupcake!



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What Bake Sale prize are you looking forward to making the most? Please leave your comments below…


73 Responses to Podkinz Ep 61: The Kinzville Bake Sale Preview Show!

  1. IDoNotHateThee says:

    Wallpaper? Who knew? I love wallpaper! But right now I only have a brownie and five cupcakes.

  2. puppylover8788 says:

    I found another code! Cookie + brownie + muffin = chocolate chip bean bag

  3. katrocks25 says:

    You guys…. are the best! you should play jumbleberry blast in the arcade. I know when I can I will want to work at webkinz or ganz.. :D

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