Podkinz Ep 75: St. Patrick’s Day & Special Giveaway!


Sally Webkinz joins Michael and Mandy as a special guest on Podkinz! In this episode, they sneak peek some upcoming St. Patrick’s Day events and play a game where Mandy and Sally have to guess the price of some items from the W-Shop. Also in this episode, 2 FREE codes are given away that you can enter at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com to unlock a special prize!



The codes that were given away during this episode expire midnight, April 30th (EST). Enter them at the Code Shop on Webkinz.com to claim your prize!


Send Mandy and Michael your questions and ideas for the show! You can email them to podkinz@ganz.com. Who knows, you may hear Mandy & Michael talk about them on their next podkinz episode!


Miss the last episode? CLICK HERE to listen to it now!


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How well did you do guessing the prices of the items shown in the video? Did you manage to find the code that was hidden throughout this episode? What would you like to hear Mandy and Michael talk about in their next episode? Please leave your comments below…


88 Responses to Podkinz Ep 75: St. Patrick’s Day & Special Giveaway!

  1. Miggy says:

    The 1st part of the code is to blurry to see.Can some body help me with it?

  2. rjoycrafty27 says:

    don’t feel bad penguin 5 – i found the codes in the podcast – you have to look really closely and i did it several times and then when i used it in the code shop it said it was unlocked but i cannot find it anywhere unless i do not remember what it look liked…so much for all the time i spent. not sure i will waste my time again if another hunt comes up

  3. penguin5 says:

    I have looked and looked but cannot find the secret code for the golden bounce hat. Where can I get it? Thanks

  4. primarycat6 says:

    Found the code but says it doesn’t exist. I did see that I made a mistake on one (put a 2 instead of a Z). But still not working now that I fixed it.

  5. djdinosaur70 says:

    having trouble finding part of the code i found 3 parts can some 1 help please

  6. fanofweirdal375 says:

    I keep clicking on the watch to win add to win different things like that hockey helmet, golden leprechaun hat, but the only code in the video is the silly hockey helmet!

  7. 43nana says:

    My codes didn’t work at the code shop so I double-checked….what looked like a 1 in two places wasn’t. Took forever. Too faint. Frustrating. Finally a great prize. Thanks Webkinz, but I won’t be so patient again.

  8. keuka01 says:

    I watched the video three times and finally got the codes but alas the code shop says the code doesn’t exist. Ganz please help. How can I check to see what letters or numbers I got wrong or maybe you should just post the code for us since everyone has been having a lot of trouble finding it and getting letters/numbers correct.

  9. 43nana says:

    Hurrah! Got the fourth code. Thanks to fellow players for those hints.

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