Podkinz Ep. 85: Michael & Mandy Go Back to School! Plus a FREE Code!

In this episode, Michael and Mandy take some classes at the Academy and go for Recess, then they give away a Community Code for a FREE Academy Laptop!


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66 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 85: Michael & Mandy Go Back to School! Plus a FREE Code!

  1. MintyKinz467 says:

    A year ago…

  2. Joy_Webkinz says:

    AAAAAHH!! Oh my goodness!! I’m so happy you answered my letter!! I didn’t stay on top of my Newz feed, so I only just now saw this!! WOAH!! I am so crazed out about this!! Thanks Michael and Mandy. Oh, that so made my day!! On another note, I’ve really been enjoying the Super School prizes, even though I haven’t always been home to log on and get them. Watching you two go back to school was so much fun, too! Nice job getting that 10/10 on creativity, Mandy! ;D I never win the game of hopscotch, either – Have either of you ever gotten all ten? Is it possible? Thank you very much for the Academy laptop – I missed the first day it was available, I’ll try to catch the second one. Thank you guys again, you’re great! Ooh, I’m so jazzed! But yeah, see you next PodKinz!! XD

  3. Auntruthie309 says:

    I can’t do the weight lifting on the higher levels either. Up to level 8 and I’m done. And I’d really like that new graduation prize too. Hope you can do something to make it work better with these newer faster computers. Love your podcasts.

  4. Ellen1970 says:

    I gave up on the strength class along time ago.The tutorial does not match the class. I do not see why we have to pass that class in order to do the Kinzville Mover (Prerequisite: Complete level 2 in Strength at Kinzville Academy.) Whenever it is a free game I do it with ease as it is just a puzzle – nothing to do with strength!

    • GoGanz24 says:

      It has everything to do with strength. Movers have to be strong. How do you expect your pets to be able to move all of them boxes into the moving truck if they haven’t built up their strength in gym class at the school?

  5. orangewing2020 says:

    Once again, thank you Michael and Mandy for considering my idea, and I was thinking it could be spelt like “Webkinz Trendz” with a “Z!” and one more thing, not everyone has those wicked E-Store clothing, so… yeah. Thanks again, and sorry again Michael and Steve.

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