Podkinz: Episode 3 – Best Friends!



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… we chat about everything to do with Best Friends!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read letters and comments from listeners about playing Webkinz with their best friends! Plus, we meet a super cute guinea pig named Pookie.


Meet a Ganz-er: We talk to Matt, a Game Designer at Ganz!


Inside Scoop: We give an insider’s preview of our upcoming Valentine’s Day events!


Webkinz Spotlight: We shed some light on floaty-clickies and how they work!


What’s Next: We reveal the theme of next week’s episode!


Here’s that picture of Pookie we were talking about!



You can win KinzCash for listening to Podkinz! Just listen to the Episode and answer some questions! Click Here to earn KinzCash!




96 Responses to Podkinz: Episode 3 – Best Friends!

  1. Atomton says:

    Hi Ganz can you give me a hint of what item is retiring from Spree, My computer has a hard time working spree. It is not from the fast food or arcade theme is it? I need a lot of those pieces and I can’t get the whole themes in a month. I love the slide! Thanks for unbanning me the next step for you guys is to enlarge text size so it NEVER happens again. It will make it so much easier for kids/teens like me who have a vision disability they can’t help.-Atom

  2. Atomton says:

    Hi Ganz! The rarest item I ever found by myself was the Hot Tub Rare. I hope I can get another one of those eventually. The rarest non rare I found by myself is probably the original penguin PSI. I heard from my friend it is priceless and I got it for just winterfest candles and coupon,. I didn’t know what it was. Hurray for my online BFF’s Mark, DF, Lamb, Gold, Snow, and Sweetcupcake for looking out for me! You are all so sweet. Thanks a million for helping me. Now I know what items are I can make better decisions.

    • Br0cktree says:

      The rarest item that I’ve ever owned (and still have in my Egyptian themed room) was the first exclusive I got when I adopted my Large St. Bernard dog back in ’06. It’s the Neon Palm Tree that was retired about…4 or 5 years ago I think. It’s one of my favorite items. :)

  3. Atomton says:

    Hi Ganz! I was wondering if you can increase the font size on trading cards and pet codes. The print is really small for me as I have a vision disibility. I emailed you 3 times but got no reply. I got a pop up 2 times about getting banned for 24 hours and that with repeated times I might get banned from the site forever. I can’t help mistyping i was basically putting card to my face.

  4. momo4cookie says:

    I have twin brothers that are older than me.

  5. momo4cookie says:

    Thanks for reading my comment :)

  6. Bows22 says:

    Can you guys (and gals) make a delete room button. I really do need it. Please :)

  7. TinaKitty24 says:

    Pookie is really cute!♥

  8. TinaKitty24 says:

    Matt, that is so cool that you are twins with Mike! I have a twin brother and I am 2 minutes older than him. We also sound similar too!!

  9. eberry12 says:

    Cool! You have a special guest named Matt right? My Mom is friends with him On FB (Facebook). Cool video.

  10. Snowflake Pup Queen says:

    So game for as long as possible? JK but creating games would be fun but what I think I really want to do is become a film artist (okay point made, but for me I love to write scripts, film, and edit. Even though I have a horrible editor it is practice. Whats odd though is how the editor is a “movie maker” yet it doesn’t have proper frames)

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