Podkinz: Episode 3 – Best Friends!



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… we chat about everything to do with Best Friends!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read letters and comments from listeners about playing Webkinz with their best friends! Plus, we meet a super cute guinea pig named Pookie.


Meet a Ganz-er: We talk to Matt, a Game Designer at Ganz!


Inside Scoop: We give an insider’s preview of our upcoming Valentine’s Day events!


Webkinz Spotlight: We shed some light on floaty-clickies and how they work!


What’s Next: We reveal the theme of next week’s episode!


Here’s that picture of Pookie we were talking about!



You can win KinzCash for listening to Podkinz! Just listen to the Episode and answer some questions! Click Here to earn KinzCash!




96 Responses to Podkinz: Episode 3 – Best Friends!

  1. teacherspet says:

    i think you guys should REALLY make a webkinz zebra pup

  2. nov63 says:

    Really need a Podkinz tab on the main page

  3. Bali_Tiger says:

    okay, thx for the info :mrgreen:

  4. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    I love Pookie! I hope I can be on Podkinz! I’ll have to send in a letter! <3

  5. Kamots55 says:

    When you were talking about the floaty-clickies, one of them floated by on my screen because I was on Webkinz World while listening to this. XD

  6. eberry12 says:

    I am eberry4 on Webkinz is any one wants to add me!!!

  7. Bali_Tiger says:

    :oops: oopz…. meant to add these to the list… + 14 baseball beanbag chairs, 10 baseball wallpaper, and 33 bone side tables. tada!

  8. Bali_Tiger says:

    The rarest thing i ever found at the Curio Shop was the Neo-Gothic nightstand. whenever i find a valued item, i blow like, all my KC on it, and thats why i have 8 toy purses, 22 space posters, 25 pinnaple lamps (idk if thats valued), 73 dog lamps, 4 dog beds, 5 bone loungers, 6 baseball side tables, 5 cat sofas, 19 dog side tables, 8 dog gyms, 2 funky tables, 5 space wallpaper, 4 royal cat chairs, 2 shining shop lamps, and 2 bone couches. Me and my best friend, ‘snow’ used to send each other uncommon things. she once sent me the Swim Top on thanksgiving. we stopped a little while ago tho cuzz we were running out of stuff xD

  9. Bali_Tiger says:

    and is there some way to block certain ads? occasionally, i see some ones innaproptiate to people my age (somewhere between 10 and 15).

  10. Bali_Tiger says:

    How do you guys get hired at ganz? are you just walking around the street and some random dude screams ” HEY! WANNA JOIN THE GANZ SQUAD?” lol but seriously, how does that work?

    • Matt WebkinzFriends says:

      That’s a close guess! Ganz, like any company, will post ads on job websites that you can send your resume and portfolios to. Then, from there, you go through the typical job interview process!

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