Podkinz Episode 4.5: A Brief History of Webkinz



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…we debut our first ever “mini” episode (OK, it’s not THAT mini, we guess) as we take a brief glimpse into Webkinz’s early days.


Sneek Peek: A quick look at upcoming St. Patrick’s Day events!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: We read letters and comments from Webkinz World members about their favorite Webkinz memories.


Meet a Ganz-er: We speak with Laura, an Associate Producer at Ganz, who played an important part in creating Webkinz from the very beginning.


What’s Next: We have important St. Patrick’s Day questions for our listeners!


80 Responses to Podkinz Episode 4.5: A Brief History of Webkinz

  1. popy380 says:

    on webkinz, my fave saintpatties day thing ta i’m looking forward to is decorating my patties room and dressing u my pets. i do that EVERY holiday, and i was very proud of my christmas room at theend of 2013. i’m sorry abu all my typing and spellig mistakes, STUPID NEW KEYBOARD!!! :mad: i cant type very well with this keyboard. at all. as you can probrably tell. aaaaaanyway, my fave webkinz moment (so far!) might be… hmm. remembe that thing that luara saidabout trying to choos a faveorite part of her daughter? STUPID KEYBOARD yeah its like that exept i dont have a daughter so…. mabye wen i first clabrated patties dy in 2013, becausthat was myfirst holida ever in webkinz! i didn’t get the tresure box though but i dontmind… YOU STUPID KEYBOARD oh, ad i LOVE flutterbugged SOOOOO mch its one o my fave games and i think fiona s dorable (i wish i could get a cotton candy sheep!) KEYBORD LET ME TYP CORRECLY woah this is a looooong coment so i’ll go onw byye! >~pop~<

  2. MrsSuperGirl says:

    To answer your question my favorite part is trying to find the leprechaun

  3. MrsSuperGirl says:

    Dear Gennelle and Mike Webkinz, My favorite webkinz memory was getting my first webkinz a pink poodle whom I named Princess I love her soooo much but then my dog took her nose off that made me really sad so I treat her like my little princess each and every day so she doesn’t feel left out.

  4. kathy8190 says:

    Wow genelle and mike read my letter! Well email at least, that’s so cool

  5. Webkinz_Love122 says:

    Green is my favorite color (Mint green, to be exact.) so my favorite thing about St. Patrick’s Day is probably all the green I get to see! It’s a good excuse to wear a TON of green clothes!

  6. kathy8190 says:

    did they read a letter from kathy or am i going nuts

  7. FuzzyWuzzy12 says:

    i would really like to get the pot o gold fridge it looks so awesome

  8. andywiggle says:

    I still love my first Webkinz the pig and the hippo and i’m 8 and i still love Webkinz so much!

  9. Hhayes says:

    It doesn’t let me watch them :l

  10. lionblazecinderheart says:

    hello gennelle and mike! I was wondering how the game of the day is determined? is it random? is it chosen by people or by a computer program? thanks! ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○ cinderheart ♥ lionblaze ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○

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