Podkinz Episode 49: Meet The Artists!

Sally joins Michael in the Podcast booth and reveals where you’ve heard her voice before!


Also in this episode, Mike and Dave make a visit and talk about creating this year’s Halloween theme: the Freaky Forest!


What are you Halloween plans for this year? Have you chosen a costume yet?



What are you Halloween plans for this year? Have you chosen a costume yet? Maybe you have a comment or idea for the show? Send them to us, you might hear them read on the show! Here’s how you can get in contact with us:




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24 Responses to Podkinz Episode 49: Meet The Artists!

  1. chattyb says:

    Hi Podkinz! This Halloween, we are going to my grandparent’s house to go to a Halloween Fest with them. I’m going to be “Lady Robin Hood.” I will be wearing a dress that looks like it’s from medieval times, back leggings, boots, and a hooded cape. I can’t wait! Hope that you all have all Happy Halloween!

  2. SugarShack says:

    I love the Freaky Forest Theme! Thanks Mike for the concept and Thanks Dave for the 3D for our Webkinz Rooms. You guys rock! BTW was wondering Michael when will we see new Rewards Prizes? I’m looking forward to spending my Moneyz. Maybe just for a day you could change the Prizes to Halloween Items from the early years of Webkinz.

  3. Starkinz says:

    YOU CAN DO IT MICHAEL!!! We all know you can win that trophy!!! Also, my compliments to the designers of the freaky forest! Those concepts (and the final items!) are totally AMAZING! So impressed…

  4. mahala01 says:

    Michael, Could you ask why the PSI for the night mare changed from a bed to a seat? Thank you. Also, I love the 3D designers accents.

  5. FoxesRule612 says:

    That’s so awesome I got to meet the artists! I’m an artist too! =)


    My Halloween plans are to take my girls and their friend to a trunk or treat event. My older daughter and her friend are wearing purple morph suits, and will be “purple people” and my little girl has a “one-eyed one-horn flying purple people eater” costume. It’s hilarious! She’s been practicing chasing the big girls around.

  7. djh89 says:

    I have Some Halloween plans. I’ll probably go visit a friend on Halloween. I do have a costume picked out, it’s a skeleton costume.

  8. piggy6 says:

    I knew that she was Ms. Cowoline!!! :) But I would have never guessed that she was also the character from Smoothie Moves! Interesting!

    • WebkinzLover2015 says:

      I know, it’s so cool!!! She’s so perfect to be Ms. Cowoline. And I’ve never thought that she’s the character from Smoothie Moves, this’s definitely interesting and awesome!!! :))

    • _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

      Same here, I had no idea! Also this Podkinz was sooooo long; almost 27 minutes! =o So there’s a Mike and Mike, and a Dave. Dave has a more gruff voice than you other guys. hehe.. I always like the concept art the best, though, Mike! =P When I first saw the purple instead of the blue, I didn’t like it, but I like it now, after I’ve made my room and everything. I have no idea who Tim Burton is though.. xD I also loved those creek tiles. I’m happy that Deluxe will be able to get those tiles in the future. That will be nice. =] The one thing I didn’t like about this theme were the mushrooms. I think you could have done without them, but again, oh well.I honestly completely forgot about that cave. I never even used it! Dang, I need to find a place to add it in.. I also love art, Mike, though I’m not as good as you! Great Podkinz, I love this one. =] Nice meeting the artists.

      • ImaPepper says:

        Hi, _emiemiemiemiemi_, to get an idea of who Tim Burton is, have you seen The Nightmare Before Christmas? The Corpse Bride? Beetlejuice? There are more, but if you’ve seen one of Tim Burton’s movies you kind of get a feel for his style. Creepy but not gruesome. ;-)

  9. 50ishwebbies says:

    I knew it!!! I attend the Academy, and knew Sally was Ms Cowoline spot on when I first heard her <3 YOU ROCK Sally Webkinz!!!! YES, you are one of the smartest and generous peeps in Kinzville! I LOVE Strength Class best! PS I would love to send you a ton of Cash Cow Trophies Michael?! just say the word ;) If not, keep trying; you got this!!!

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