Podkinz Episode 55: Tender Tuxedo Giveaway!


In this episode Michael and Mandy discuss everything that’s happening for Valentine’s Day in Webkinz World and show off some awesome room designs. For the first time ever on Podkinz, listen for the special Community Code that you can enter at the Code Shop in Webkinz World to unlock a Tender Tuxedo for your Webkinz (use code before March 1st):



Stay tuned for our next Episode which will be all about our St. Patrick’s Day events in Webkinz World.


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We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


83 Responses to Podkinz Episode 55: Tender Tuxedo Giveaway!

  1. fans44 says:

    I never received the tuxedo jacket. Please let me know when I will receive the tuxedo. Did everything as required, but did not receive.
    Still haven’t received; now that Valentines is over, now will I receive the tuxedo?



  2. fans44 says:

    I entered the code but did not receive the Tender Tuexdo.

  3. bamboo211 says:

    Thank you, I love the Red Tuxedo! Thanks for the free gift.

  4. loveyou1996 says:

    how do you enter

  5. babygou says:

    Gave my friend a webkinz, PINK POODLE,

  6. Starkinz says:

    Hi Podkinz! You guys want us to choose a favourite holiday in Webkinz world?! I personally think that’s impossible, the Ganz team does such a fabulous job making every holiday and event fun and exciting :) Keep being awesome~ Starkinz

  7. cuddlyfur1 says:

    My favorite webkinz holiday is Spring Celebration! I love pastels and all the colors. I’m excited to know what the super prize for it will be this year.

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