Podkinz Episode 56: I Spy The PSI!


In this episode Michael, Mandy and Steve read some listener KinzPost, sneak peek some upcoming St. Patrick’s Day Events and play “I Spy The PSI” game. Listen and play along to see how many you can get right:


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45 Responses to Podkinz Episode 56: I Spy The PSI!

  1. BabyGame says:

    I got all of them right! But my Mom will not say how many she got,she said that she was not counting,only having fun. And I’m glad she had fun it’s only that I think it’s kind of funny that she was not counting. I have bin playing webkinz for a long time, i love your show please keep up the good work!:)

  2. cvasko says:

    Hey Guys..I love your Pod Casts..they are so funny..I didn’t get my jacket and read others and will contact the wb site she said. but was wondering if you could please tell the desigeners of the kitichens to try to up date some of the colors these are getting pretty drab that they have in the reguralr styles. and the colors yuck don’t look good with the new wall papers and floorings you have. I like to make counters and the new stuff doesn’t give you that option much so I go back to the old stuff. so if you could help I’d be much appreciated. GOD Bless Cvasko

  3. fans44 says:

    I never received the tuxedo. I have sent numerous messages regarding this. Please send to my dock.

  4. Starkinz says:

    Hey Podkinz!! I just wanted to thank all of you who put these Podkinz episodes together (and host them!). Whenever a new Podkinz comes out it makes my day :) Also, thank you for putting together the deluxe trial week, I love being able to go to vacation island again!! I’m so excited for St. Patrick’s day in Webkinz world, the leprechaun hunt is one of my favourite events, and that means that Spring celebration is almost here! Thank you all again, I really love and appreciate all the effort you guys put into making Webkinz the best it can be!! ~Starkinz

  5. Hhayes says:

    Heheh.. I got three right =P

  6. MEG_WEBKINZ says:

    Hey Podkinz! I really enjoyed your “I Spy the PSI” game from the last episode! I only got 4 but I still had a lot of fun! And I am looking forward to next March with all of the fun events you have planned! I definitely want to collect the Jelly Coins and get that awesome Go-Kart! I also have a question for you guys! Will you guys be releasing any new St. Patrick’s Day plush pets this year? I absolutely adore them and would love to see some new ones! Podkinz rocks!!!! ~MEG_WEBKINZ

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