Podkinz Mini: The Next Academy & a FREE Classic Code!

In this episode of Podkinz Mandy is joined by Sally who does a walk-through of the new Academy in Webkinz Next! Watch Sally take classes, meet Ms. Cowoline, check out the new Spirit Shop, and get a sneak peek at an upcoming feature in the brand new Kinzville Academy!


Stay tuned ’til the end where they give away a code for a Rockerz Backstage Pass!




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37 Responses to Podkinz Mini: The Next Academy & a FREE Classic Code!

  1. snowbird25 says:

    Dear Sally, I have a question on how the ribbons are awarded. Yesterday I got A+, A, A+, A and was awarded 17 ribbons for those grades. Today, I got B+, A+, A+, A and was awarded 32 ribbons. Does a B+ on the easy class really penalize me that much? Thank you.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Is that a typo? Normally you’d get 8 ribbons for each A+, 7 for an A, 6 for a B+, etc.

      • snowbird25 says:

        You’re right, my last sentence doesn’t make sense. But I have a screen shot of getting 2 A and 2 A+ and only 17 ribbons. Should I send it to tech support? Thanks for the info on # of ribbons for each grade. That is very helpful.

  2. snowbird25 says:

    I bought the 5 point negotiating skill for my pet today. It says prices will be 2% MORE in the W-shop! Shouldn’t it be less? I selected the pet I applied to skill to and bought something and didn’t get the 2% discount. I was charged exactly the list price. Is there another step to use my negotiating skill?

  3. creek4kids says:

    Hey Sally Webkinz, could yall release a guide featuring a list of some of the possible spark combinations? I’ve tried googling this a few times and there doesn’t seem to be any Next genetics guides. For example, it would be cool to see all of the possible body colors available for, say, the unicorn or golden retriever. I’ve tried making my own lists out of curiosity, but you are more knowledgeable.

  4. WebPets19Love says:

    Wasn’t sure where to post this, but I just wanted to let you know that the Skill Cards shop still isn’t open even though it’s now September. Will it ever be made available?

  5. RRB says:

    Tutorials for the classes would be excellent. Who knew we could mix paints?

  6. sweetmeggiepoo says:

    what is the point behind the backstage pass? what do you do with it?

  7. creek4kids says:

    PodKinz is so fun! I listen to it while doing homework. The Spark Parties are one of my favorites <3 Thank you for doing PodKinz.

  8. superchristy123 says:

    Has Fred Rover’s responses changed in the curio shop? When asking about rare items or deals, he doesn’t give times anymore… those buttons aren’t useful at all :( Used to use them constantly

    • Wingsfan65 says:

      @superchristy123 – You mean Arte. right? It worked yesterday but I didn’t click on it today and I’m probably too late for a rare item (it being 10:20pm Kinztime).

    • KSC says:

      Hi superchristy123! I found that the buttons work only if you give Arte a tip. If you stop tipping, he stops giving information. Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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