Podkinz Mini – We Read Your KinzPost!


In this episode, Mandy and Michael read your KinzPost and give away a code for a random Fall Buddy! Enter the code at the Code Shop on your Webkinz Classic account, and let us know if you unlocked the apple, leaf or acorn by leaving a comment below!



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38 Responses to Podkinz Mini – We Read Your KinzPost!

  1. GrandmaSassieDeluxe says:

    I, along with many of my friends, are very disappointed we did not receive an acorn buddy. I really thought with the chance of having 8 codes we would all get at least one. Being a Deluxe memeber I am so unhappy that I do not want to spend any more money at the eStore this month. I wish Ganz would consider giving out one more code that assured everyone would get an acorn buddy. Or, let us buy them at the eStore.

  2. chocolatemermaid8 says:

    YaY!!!! got the acorn pet buddy!!!

  3. cowtown2 says:

    i got a leaf do we only get one thanks i hope to one of all these are so cute thanks so good to see you both again thanks i love podkinz, and fall is so exciting, how can i do all this its so aswome thank you webkinz i love this, the leaf is so cute, i love the face it makes it look so nice. happy fall you all.

    • cowtown2 says:

      my life is always common on here why? i really happy to get any but i do love them all i still miss the red balloon pet can you please bring it back, its so sad i missed it, i need a four leaf clover with me, lol.

  4. danicafaith says:

    I would like the fall leaf

  5. dragonfly1227 says:

    I unlocked two Fall Leaf Buddies so far! They’re so cute! Thank you so much!

  6. Elfinlike says:

    I received the Acorn Buddy! Thank you so much!

  7. Skorpio425 says:

    How come I can’t find the code shop in the webkinz classic app?

  8. robinroyal says:

    I’m glad the leaf buddy is the common one. It is my favorite. It reminds me of Gale, the spirit of wind in Frozen 2.

  9. Davids1lilpixie says:

    I’ve got 2 leaves so far and while they’re cute. I’m sorry, but I wish Ganz had elected to do a series of challenges to get all three fall pet buddies. With my luck, I’ll get nothing but leaves. It’s no fun feeling left out. :(

  10. raysgirl says:

    Thank you I got the acorn pet buddy.

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