Podkinz Mini – Webkinz Next Egg Hunt!


Mandy, Michael and Sally share some Vacation Island souvenir submissions and sneak peek the upcoming Egg Hunt on Webkinz Next. At the end of the episode, they give away a code for 2023 Winterfest prize!



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15 Responses to Podkinz Mini – Webkinz Next Egg Hunt!

  1. duckess1 says:

    Not sure where to put this message. I am going to stop playing New if the pets do NOT stop whining for food while I’m playing games. It takes playing a lot of the same game to get the points you need in the Seasons Game. They not only ask for food but their rude in some remarks. It’s costing to much to continue and taking time away from the real fun in Classic!

  2. megamom12 says:

    I got the ottoman, and my grandson got the cocoa shelf. I’m REALLY hoping that the shelf will continue to be a prize for a while. It makes such a nice addition to my kitchens.

  3. emster7 says:

    Thanks so much for the code!

  4. KFryer49770 says:

    Why don’t you make real coffee mugs and tumblers in designs for all over webkinz

  5. Jole1993 says:

    Please put the boss frogs back in ant mania, it’s to hard to even bother playing with out them because they are the only way to cut down your other enemies.

  6. FluffyKinz23 says:

    I like the vacation island souvenir submissions! Also, this is off topic but I noticed that my new mini egg seeds haven’t changed at all since I planted them. I planted them at least a week ago and they look the same as the ones I planted today. I also tried clicking on them and it doesn’t say they aren’t ready to be harvested like other seeds say when you click on them. Is anyone else having this issue?

    • BeezKneez says:

      Mine have not changed at all, either. I won seeds the very first day and those still look the same as the ones I planted yesterday. Very disappointing – if it’s a glitch, it won’t be fixed until next maintenance so no Mini Eggs for Easter.

    • dippyear says:

      Wow I was just thinking yesterday how slow growing these eggs are. Now I realize it’s a glitch :( I was so looking forward to seeing their beautiful growth :’(

    • Michael Webkinz says:

      We are aware that there is an issue with the new Mini Egg Seeds which prevents them from growing when you plant them in your yard. For now, they will only remain as saplings, and you won’t be able to harvest them, but we are looking into the issue and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  7. Bedford says:

    My guess is I will get the poster; that is all I get!

  8. cowtown2 says:

    have a great time i wish i could play webkinz next, maybe one day but have fun those are great items i loved them from classic hope they come back soon, they are really nice. and a great varity, thanks everyone, let the egg hunt began. i miss everyone, the next game is fun with stuff like this the park is so full and you can have fun with others,

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