Baby Showcase #77

Happy Thursday! It’s finally spring and I’m loving the extra hours of sunshine in the morning.

First up to celebrate the spring is this beautiful teal spring fawn! It has delicate pink fawn horns, vibrant orange lily pet patch and soft silver eyes. This baby fawn has some cute little paws, courtesy of an orange tabby cat!

OK, I love this pony — it looks like it had a bit of a tumble in the mud! A yorkie provided all the dark brown accents — ears, feet and chest — and it’s so neat looking. The green eyes look really lovely with this color combination.

This red panda is fabulous! The hyena spots give it some really nice texture on the back, and the pet patch stands out so well on the red. I always love this superstar head patch and the teal eyes are lovely with the rainbow flair on the legs.

This cute little elephant has pretty purple green body coloring and those amazing violet shimmer ears from the limited edition vivid violet elephant! The side eyes are soulful and the gorilla pet patch and back patch gives this baby a unique look.

This cotton candy colored lion is adorable! The disco ball goes perfectly and the vibrant pet patches are really striking. Such a pretty pet!

This cute little elephant has a lot of lovely little accents — from the leopard spots on the back to the rainbow ear tips and matching toes and inner ears, this is a beautiful baby — can’t believe it’s common!

This is an intense gorilla! I love the navy body color with the lighter blue patches and patterns, and I’m really starting to love seeing the moon bear patches on other pets! The fireball pet patch is really cool (and very prominent against this color!) and those party eyes are ready to go!

This sweet little giraffe got the cutest tulip pony spots on its back, which look adorable with its savanna leaves pet patch. The chest has those darling little hearts and who doesn’t love the rainbow legs? I haven’t seen many giraffes without face and neck markings, so this is quite interesting — but I do love the pink eyes from the tulip pony — they match perfectly with the ears and feet!

Now this is a purple giraffe! It has a hint of rainbow on the tail, but is otherwise super purple. The golden ears are very striking with this color combination, and I do love the natural brown eyes as some contrast. Another pet I’m surprised is common!

This cute elephant has a greeny yellow body color, which coordinates with the glittery green ears and pretty green eyes. The back has a really cool diamond pattern and the pink peanut really pops!

Last but not least is another pretty elephant! This baby has green, blue and yellow gradient body color, with an adorable star pattern on the back. I love the little rainbow tail, and of course the glittery green ears and purple toes are just magical.

That’s it for this week, but be sure to check out the results of last week’s St. Patrick’s Day Spark Party! Dorothy Lou got the cutest giraffe.



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4 Responses to Baby Showcase #77

  1. cr2w says:

    Got a new baby frog! Used my last spark on my only frog. Almost didn’t make the party. Wish to thank Customer Service for all the help with my computer issue. The problem was the hard drive. Second time it’s been replaced.

  2. KSC says:

    What an awesome group of babies! Sally, I especially love the green cow. I look forward to the next spark party. Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend that one.

  3. crystalfawns53 says:

    These babies look so adorable!!! I also really liked watching the spark party video, even though I think this is the Christmas video instead of the St. Patrick Day’s one.

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