Podkinz Minis – DIY Design Event


In this episode, Mandy and Michael show us how the DIY Design Event will work. This event runs from Monday, May 3, to Monday, May 10, on Webkinz Classic. Combine DIY Design Tickets, furniture and dyes on the Clothing Machine to make new furniture for your pet’s room!



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70 Responses to Podkinz Minis – DIY Design Event

  1. ngeorgianow says:

    Missed the whole event. Oops XD

  2. blackarianagrande says:

    Anyone wanna be friends? :D Add Blackarianagrande or drop username!

  3. Msamommy says:

    I’ve been thinking for a very long time that I wish Webkinz would allow us to change the color of the furniture. For example, the cream colored plain bed….it’s cute, but imagine if we could change the color of the quilt depending on the room colors we choose? Almost like having certain pieces have a color wheel option where you can buy it in various colors. Just a thought! I’ve loved the painted chair/rug/window event BUT, my pet peeve is that we don’t have enough paint to color the furniture. Maybe allow the paints to be purchased in the W shop…even the furniture too! Keep coming up with these fun events! It’s SO much fun!!

    • alucard says:

      Msamonny! I LOVE your idea of being able to change the color of the quilts/bed spreads on the beds! I just wish they would have a room in the WShop where we could buy (using KINZCASH only) the furniture pieces and the various dye colors! I really dislike having to wait and wait and wait…and hope they will have another “DIY Floating Event” sometime soon! A room in the WShop or a room in the Club House would be welcomed. Give us the chance to be really creative! :-)

  4. jaj540 says:

    I love choosing my own colors, I would also like yellow, orange, and red,,, These are going to be so much fun. Thank you again webkinz for anoher great idea,

  5. roseanne says:

    TRINSTER, My pet was also sleepwalking, until I figured out that even though my pet was in a chair….my dock pet had her eyes closed…..I know our Incredible Ganz team will fix this….but meanwhile at least everyone has a “magic potion” to break the Hypnosis….Making lemonade out of lemons, it gives us a chuckle in a cute ww story, “spellbound trampoline” …..that being said, I’m still disappointed in a bed “turned trampoline”

  6. Nickelcat says:

    Can we continue to make the dyed furniture with the clothing machine after the event ends on May 10? Or do we have to make it all before the event is over?

  7. roseanne says:

    I know this Podkinz Mini is about the DIY…..but I have to leave a comment about the flower collection…..I was so excited for a new WW Bed…..How disappointing, the BED IS A FOUR SQUARE TRAMPOLINE….and when your pet gets on it, it NOT only bounces them high into the air, it spins them into a “Sleeping Beauty” HYPNOTIZED state. if they go sit on a chair-they are still asleep, if they get on a treadmill – they are still asleep, if they take a bath or brush their teeth-they are still asleep, If they go to do their daily activities-they are still asleep and the hunger levels plumet…..There is only one way the hypnosis spell can be broken……..you must put your bed in a REGULAR BED, so they can sleep it off…. Michael Webkinz, Mandy Webkinz, Sally Webkinz, Steve Webkinz, are you aware of the “cursed trampoline bed”?????

    • roseanne says:

      As in a Pillow fight, maybe if a feather pillow would break open, shooting feathers floating through the air, it would give us a chuckle….and maybe not be perceived as such a waste of 4 squares in our room….LOL

      • roseanne says:

        I don’t want to just complain….and definitely should have said I love the Giant Bowl of Popcorn and the floor tiles…..Thank You Ganz Team!!! They are very fun, and work perfectly with my Classic Popcorn Cart (food dispenser)!!!!

        • TRINSTER says:

          Roseanne, I feel your pain about the “bed”. My pet was sleepwalking all day after a good bounce! And what’s weird is one pet asked to jump on a trampoline and the bed worked, but the next pet asked and the bed did not fulfill his request. Weird.

    • mochidochi says:

      I have to agree – I would rather have a bed be a bed. I have the three bears bed that takes up a ton of room, and it’s actually just a chair!

    • alucard says:

      The bed in the Flower Collection is a TRAMPOLINE? Well, that’s a bummer! What good is a bed that works like a trampoline? It also sounds like it’s already got a glitch! I was excited about getting a new bed that would go with different room theme designs. What a waste of a prize! They should have told us that from the beginning. I LOVE the Dex Dangerous Sleeping Bag, and will try and get at least one more, but not sure I will want another trampoline bed. Very VERY disappointed with this Grand Prize! :-(

      • roseanne says:

        Alucard, I posted under “start collecting flowers now, as to my excitement for a new bed…..all WW players I know love new beds, there was no comment from anyone on the Ganz team…..guess it was suppose to be a SURPRISE…you can check back and see my post under start collecting flowers today….I love all of the other prizes though so I am grateful that we still can play classic WW and that they still try to make it fun for us…But, if you promise us Bed, please give us a bed….

        • WizardofOzkinz says:

          I can sort of see the point here you’re all making, but …no one ever jumped on a bed before? Because, honestly, a bed you can jump on like this would have been a highlight of my childhood. And er, maybe even now. Although yeeeah, maybe breaking that weird sleepwalking curse might be a good idea. yikes.

    • KarenaJ says:

      So that’s what made my pet sleepwalk. LOL Thanks for figuring out the mystery, roseanne :)

      • roseanne says:

        KarenaJ, our Ganz Team will fix it….I know they will….but in the meantime we will be able to take our pets out of a hypnotic “Sleeping Beauty state” and we can all share a chuckle

    • honeyhop says:

      I don’t like bouncy beds either, roseanne. Not really a bed or a trampoline. When a pet asks to jump on a trampoline, you don’t get credit if you put him or her on a bouncy bed. It also is not useful when a pet wants to go to sleep.
      The other prizes are good, but one of each will be enough. I will stop once I get the sleeping bag.

  8. alucard says:

    I’ve read several comments about going to the trading room to trade for the DIY items. I guess that’s a good way to try and get items, but I think many of us that play on Webkinz do not enjoy going to the Trading Room. Why do these DIY items have to be a “Floating Event”? Why do we have to go to the Trading Room to possibly get more items? The DIY concept (furniture items & dye) is a very fun and creative thing to have for us, and I think we are really loving it. But…why can’t it be in the WShop in a themed room, a shop perhaps? There we could buy the white furniture items, along with the dye bottles, using our KINZCASH? That would allow us to be more creative and not have to wait for Floaty Events or go to the Trading Room (which is NOT a fun thing to do). Please make this a fun and easy part of the CLASSIC Webkinz! As for the “Special” Dye that is in the eStore for 2000ePoints per bottle. I think that’s a little bit over priced, but since it’s a really cool and creative design, it will be worth it for those players that decide to get it. I’d rather spend my ePoints on other items for my rooms. I really like getting the furniture and dye bottles, but would love to get them whenever I need then, and not just during an “event” or from the trading room. Please make this a part of everyday Webkinz World.

    • kaye10 says:

      hi there, hey i agree with you–trading room is so hit or miss (mostly miss) & definitely requires more time & patience than i often have in a day. just hoping i’ll get enough to make one of each item. best of luck to you. k.

    • megamom12 says:

      A room in the Clubhouse to get the DIY items from? That is an interesting concept that I could get behind! I like how they now have the Bake Sale Stand in the Park and they rotate between the 3 Bake Sales. That has been a HUGE help to me in getting that last baking item that I need for say….the Cafeteria Bench or another Aquarium. Perhaps another way to get the DIY items would be handy. It certainly would be for me as I don’t have enough time to wait for floaties as I have work, chores, errands, other games to play. I do for my main account and when I can for my second account, but the other accounts don’t get as much love. At least my one young grandson can get the floaties on my tablet so he and his brother can get a few of the new furniture items as well. It is funny how Polly still says that we’ve made a wonderful piece of ‘clothing’ though! Makes me giggle!!!

      • Beckinz8 says:

        Yes, I fully support a DIY room in the Clubhouse, or a stand at the Park or something because there are so many days where I can’t wait for all of the floaties, and since they are so random, it takes a while to collect all the items that you need to craft the things you want.

    • piggitime says:

      There definitely needs to be a better ratio, for real. Across 16 accounts I have less than a dozen total furniture pieces and dyes (that’s not of each kind or color, that’s just the collective total). But on those same accounts, I have at least a dozen or more tickets. So we get a ticket for logging in and we get a ticket here, but there are also tickets in the floating ones in WW, and it feels like that’s almost all I get when I catch one. And what good are the tickets without furniture/rug pieces and dyes? Right, not much. At the least, maybe each part could be guaranteed somewhere? Like tickets on log in, Clubhouse ‘furniture sale’ room, dye bottle as a daily activity? And then still offer the floaters in account, but at least we’d have a chance at evening out our stockpiles without depending in such sheer random chance. (Also gonna add, regarding newsweek, did anyone else get such an overall um, abundance, of Sally figures, and hardly any of the others?)

      • Austenshire says:

        Actually I got an abundance of Michael plushes. I hardly got any Sally figures. But I managed to get enough. I only collect plush figures on 2 of my accounts.

    • alucard says:

      Piggitime, I just sent you a friend request. I will send you some extra Newz Host plushies that I have. Nothing needed in return. My WW account is farout1. Have a wonderful day! :-)

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