Podkinz Video: Celebrate Spring On Webkinz Classic!


Find out what you can win by feeding your pets 2024 Milk and White Chocolate Eggs! You can collect the eggs from March 20 – 31 on your Webkinz Classic account. At the end of the episode, Mandy & Michael give away a code for a Friendly Froggy Plushy!



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20 Responses to Podkinz Video: Celebrate Spring On Webkinz Classic!

  1. buunykinz says:

    Every time I try to spin the Wheel of Yum I get this message THERE IS NO EVENT AT THIS TIME. I have cleared my cache, it did not help.

    • sally says:

      There was an error in the configuration of the Wheel of YUM on March 20 and 21. These events are listed as all day but are actually scheduled from 3pm to 6pm KinzTime. They will be all day from tomorrow onwards.

  2. Alice44 says:

    Can someone please give me the code for the plush i can’t see it :(

  3. princessstanislawa says:

    I haven’t had a chance to play Webkinz for years so this might be obvious to others but, how do I find the wheel of Yum?

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