Podkinz Video: Go Go Gamer Season!


Learn about the new Go Go Gamer Season that is currently available to play on Webkinz Next, and find out which prize you can send back to Webkinz Classic! At the end of the episode, the Podkinz crew give away a code for a Lucky Coin Box that you can unlock on your Webkinz Classic account and drag into your room to earn a common, uncommon or rare KinzCash coin!



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19 Responses to Podkinz Video: Go Go Gamer Season!

  1. nicetigress says:

    I unlocked the Chocolate Coin (Common) on my original account and on my other account, I got the Fully Gold Coin (not the one with the rainbow center) (Lucky).

  2. ednalumpy says:

    My code is not working….please help ….Thank you

  3. Alice44 says:

    i can’t see the code, can someone plz tell me?

  4. Strawberryfightclub says:

    when I type in the code it says invalid :/

  5. ellaelk says:

    I got the Lucky Emerald Coin in the box!!!!

  6. mom052863 says:

    Hi Sally, Will there ever be another way to buy the the season passes other than using the microsoft store. I had my CC stolen TWICE. The second time they said the $91.00 charge was mine and I had to pay it. It was for the purchase of XBox items. I don’t own an XBox but had to pay it anyway. I never had any problems going through the ganz estore so I assumed this would be safe also but I was wrong. Thanks

    • sally says:

      App stores take a cut of virtual purchases made on apps, so the only way to manage it is through the respective app store. You may want to consider getting an X Box gift card at a brick-and-mortar store and redeeming that to make a purchase.

      • tinymomma84 says:

        Well, they did say that they don’t have an X-Box, would an Amazon card work? Can you use and X-Box game card for these purchases even though you don’t have the system?

  7. buski11 says:

    Can u plz explain the 2 levels of the season passes to purchase? If I buy the $8.99 is that for 12 months? And the $6.99 is for the current season? I’m confuaed

    • sally says:

      Both passes are just for the current Season. The 8.99 pass also gives you Season points so you can unlock prizes right away.

      • bubbac4 says:

        I was confused too. So if we don’t mind waiting to the end of the season, we can get the $6.99, right?

        • sally says:

          You can pick up either one now or wait until just before the end. Some people like to get a jump start and so get the bonus points so they can finish faster, while other people like to wait and see if they need the boost closer to the end. You’ll have to make a decision before the end of the Season, though, since there’s no way to purchase it after it ends.

          • tinymomma84 says:

            I get the $8.99 pass up front, so that I don’t have to worry about playing games that I’m no good at. Particularly Cake-it-Up.

  8. alaynaj1212 says:

    Hi, Sally! I don’t think the Sweet Stitch capsules have made it into the Next WShop yet despite being advertised as available on the 25th. When will they be added? Thank you!

  9. megamom12 says:

    I got everything but Cake-it-Up, and missed the Shamrock collection by ONE!

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