Podkinz Video – New CampKinz Season!


Find out what you can win by playing the new CampKinz Season on Webkinz Next! At the end of the episode, the Podkinz crew give away a code for a common, uncommon or rare spring pet buddy!



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29 Responses to Podkinz Video – New CampKinz Season!

  1. ndtractorboy05 says:

    Question about log in here on newz. Why does it take dozens of times to log in? I have 3 accounts and get so many invalid and protection notices that I don’t really want to come here anymore. Any one else have this problem?

  2. bright1234 says:

    I got 5 Ladybugs

  3. ziggy123 says:

    I just want a rainbow for pride month but didn’t get one

  4. Koffeecakee says:

    I got a 5th ladybug,,,

  5. 2002hun says:

    Please let us be able to trade buddies! I have four lady bugs :(

  6. cowtown2 says:

    we wants one of them all we wantz it we wanz it, my precious!!!!l lol good luck to us all. for these cuties. got the ladybug thank you webkinz, now we wantz the others. I have the worst luck, I never get the new stuff why? I’m so sad cause when I got deluxe this time and a while back, after I got renewed, you add the seed packs, its really sad, that after we get it, you add to it, I wonder should I just not do the auto renew until after June, mine renews in May, and the pets and stuff stay the same but you add the seeds, and if we auto renew, in may we don’t get them, I don’t think that’s right maybe you can give everyone that get that month’s pet all the items, as long as they are renewing or just buying for first time, is this wrong or just me? thanks

  7. harevister1 says:

    I love the lady bug.

  8. duckess1 says:

    Is it just me or does the pet lay sideways on the enchanted theme bed. Look weird. Was the same in classic.

  9. eigram says:

    I got the lady bug and she’s adorable!!!

  10. Helenka says:

    any would be wonderful thanks

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