Podkinz Video – Valentine’s Day Events!


Find out what you can win on Webkinz Classic and Webkinz Next during our Valentine’s Day events. At the end of the episode, the Podkinz crew give away a code for a Sweetheart Sink!



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18 Responses to Podkinz Video – Valentine’s Day Events!

  1. artkins says:

    It’s just one week until Valentine’s Day. If we mail a Valentine with a heart sticker, will we earn the badge? I’ve been trying every Valentine’s Day for years and have been disappointed each time….

  2. buski11 says:

    Just a quick suggestion, when we get baskets for special holidays, wouldn’t it be fun if it contained a new recipe for a food item centered around that holiday?

  3. 22oreoblue says:

    i love this sink so much

  4. pittiesrule says:

    I love the Valentine table & food decor from Next & wish they existed on Classic. I’m glad that we get another chance at getting more of the tea party items because I didn’t get enough of the Toadstool Table. I would love individual teacups from the Regency, Friendly Froggy & Toadstool Tea sets.

    • applenana says:

      I so agree, pittiesrule. I have several Valentine plush toys. I would much rather have the table. I wish they would give Classic players a basket as well.

  5. megamom12 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this sink! I’m so excited to get anothe one!

  6. LadyBeauty says:

    I’m so glad that we’ll have another chance in April to complete our Tea Set collections with the Teacup Floaty Clicky event! Now I can hopefully get a Regency Tea Set for my five Regency Tables that can sit around my one Regency Plushy Chair! LOL!! That is the one set I couldn’t complete, and it was rather lopsided! I do love the Tea Party Themed prizes! LadyBeauty

  7. ginnylea says:

    Is this new? It looks familiar but cannot find in my many rooms

  8. bunnybell says:

    Yay! I can finally have this sink!

  9. kellyld159 says:

    I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting this sink to make a valentine’s themed bathroom!

  10. bren191 says:

    Thank you so very much!

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