Sneak Peek: Exclusive Spring Shepherd!

Spring into Webkinz Day with an exclusive virtual pet that is available for three days only: April 20 to 22! The beautiful Spring Shepherd comes with a sporty Springtime Convertible, and a refreshing Springtime Ice Pop!

spring shepherd

The special pet will be on sale for the price of a regular pet – 12,500 eStore Points.

spring shepherd

The Spring Shepherd will be available at Ganz eStore and the W Shop, but only for three days! Don’t miss your chance to add it to your Webkinz family!

28 Responses to Sneak Peek: Exclusive Spring Shepherd!

  1. oncei says:


  2. baba1icious says:

    so. getting. this.

  3. noavk says:

    Dog is cute .

  4. W5kinz says:

    I need so im getting! XD

  5. ponynana says:

    SO CUTE! Makes up for the ostrich. I really, really wanted a Canada goose. Still do. Also hoping for a palomino pony, newfoundland, another winged unicorn and a hawk instead of another eagle. Also a new wolf and a new lioness would be nice.

  6. sugarpopyumyum says:

    So cute! <3

  7. cat2f says:

    SO cute! I hope u do another design a pet contest.

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