A NEW Way to Win FREE Prizes!


Want to earn some cool NEW prizes? Just look for the “Free Prizes” button in the Thing to Do menu. When you click on it, you’ll have the option to either earn KinzCash or a prize by watching a video advertisement. At the end of the video, you’ll be awarded your prize.



The prizes for watching these video ads are ALL NEW and can’t be won anywhere else. The prize items are awarded randomly, with some of the bigger prizes being rarer than others. You can watch and win up to a total of 10 times per day.






Please note that you’ll need to have your Parent’s Account set to allow 3rd party ads and you’ll need to turn off any ad blockers to participate. When making changes to your Parents Account settings, you will need to click on the link sent in the confirmation email (i.e., the same email used to login to your Parent’s Account) to see the changes take effect. Also make sure you are logged out of your Webkinz account while making changes to your Parents Account settings.



UPDATE (04/13/2018): Please note that once an advertiser’s daily quota is reached, the videos for the ads are automatically capped and  the “No ads are available in your area” message will appear. So if you were able to watch video ads one day and not the next, it most likely means that the video ads have been capped for the day and you’ll have to try again tomorrow.


Currently we only have advertisers in North America supplying us with video ads, so only accounts in North America can use this feature.


Since we have been reaching the daily quota for our advertisers with this new feature, we have now turned off the video ads that used to pop up between plays in the Arcade and the room.


What do you think of these new prizes and the way to win them? Let us know in the comments below.


193 Responses to A NEW Way to Win FREE Prizes!

  1. AndyB says:

    I have ABSOLUTELY had it with my computer stalling every time the ads change on the right side of the screen!!! I can’t make it through any of the classes in the Academy without my computer freezing up!!! That doesn’t happen with ads turned OFF, and now l’m getting ads during play again!!!

  2. bkbauer says:

    I have watched the videos everyday and still no cannon. I am beginning to wonder if it was included in the prize pool.

  3. luna101217 says:

    This article says “Since we have been reaching the daily quota for our advertisers with this new feature, we have now turned off the video ads that used to pop up between plays in the Arcade and the room.” So, how come I am seeing ads pop up in my house area and in the arcade? Based on the comments section of the article, it sounds to me like the daily quota for ads are still being met, so why the extra advertisements?!?

  4. Warden says:

    I don’t know how to turn on ads. Is there something I’m supposed to click?

  5. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi Ganz team! I don’t know if you will still be checking back on the posts here, but I didn’t know where else to post my comment. Now that we have figured out how to enable the ads, I’ve been watching the 10 ads per day and receiving my prizes. So, thanks! Just today though, I’ve noticed something different. Ads will just randomly pop up, and take over my screen when I’m switching rooms or something. Twice this interfered with pet requests, as the timer kept ticking down all during the ad, and all I wanted to do was get my pet to a trampoline before they gave up and became disappointed. I know that this is something new, and it may need some more adjusting. But I just thought you and your advertisers would want to reconsider the pop-ups because interfering with my game play isn’t likely to make me feel very good about whatever they are advertising. :(

  6. Queencows says:

    I have not been able to see anything; every time I try it says they are not available in my area. Even first thing in the morning.

    • Spiderhulkman says:

      I’m sorry this is happening to you Queencows, but I’m glad it’s not just me. I logged in today after not being on the desktop version for a couple days and was wondering why it said that. Maybe it’s too late in the day and the daily quota of views was reached? Sad if that’s the case, but like all new features there are going to be hiccups. I’m sure the team will get it all straightened out and update us. The Webkinz team is always pretty awesome about that. ;)

    • purrc says:

      friend me !!!! I have extras…..please don’t send anything for them., Just aknowledge receipt.

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