Printable Egg Holders with Free Codes!

The Lil Spring Unicorns are so happy to have your help – after the Leprechaun stole a rainbow, they were worried they wouldn’t have enough color to paint their Spring Celebration Eggs! But you came through and collected rainbows for them, so now they’ve prepared their first batch of eggs – and they’ve even made printable egg holders so that you can display your own painted eggs at home.


Best of all? These egg holders each come with a community code for a virtual painted egg that you can place in your pet’s room! There are three egg holders that each come with a free code. Enter the code at the Code Shop on to get your painted eggs.


Here’s how to make your egg holders:

  1. Download the PDF by clicking here.
  2. Print the PDF.
  3. Cut out the egg holders along the dotted lines.
  4. Curve each egg holder to form an open circle.
  5. With glue or tape, affix the tabs at the back.
  6. Use the egg holder to display your painted eggs.


Click here to download the printable PDF.


You can redeem your virtual egg holders by entering the codes in the Code Shop at Codes award one item per Webkinz account and expire at midnight EST on June 30, 2019.


And in case you have trouble reading them, here are the codes:


Purple Egg Holder: W246-S5AL-KTKA-TKWA

Blue Egg Holder: W24Z-KERL-QB7A-N75C

Pink Egg Holder: W24L-HRTN-XNRS-95LJ

16 Responses to Printable Egg Holders with Free Codes!

  1. giggles192 says:

    Thanks Ganz!!! Cute “Egg Holders”! :)

  2. Avocado says:

    Adorable! I know this is off topic, but I’d REALLY love the option to delete rooms. I love showing off the items from these codes but I also love trading so I’ll get a room to show my items and then end up giving them away, so I’m left with an empty room! If anyone knows if they talked about this please let me know!

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