Printable Halloween Hand-out with Two Free Codes!


We’re celebrating the spookiest holiday and the newest Webkinz plush, with an adorable Sloth-themed Halloween printable! Add something special to this year’s treat bags – 2 FREE Community Code for Sloth Jack o’ Lanterns – one in Webkinz Classic and one in Webkinz Next!




Print off these FREE code sheets to hand out with your Halloween candy, and take them to school to share with your friends!


You, your friends, and all of your trick or treaters can enter these FREE codes into the Code Shop in Webkinz Classic and the WShop in Webkinz Next. Each code is valid for one Sloth Jack o’Lantern in each game and expires at midnight EST on November 30, 2022.


So share the Pet-rifying fun! Print out your FREE codes and give your friends and trick-or-treaters a real treat!


Download the printable PDF.





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37 Responses to Printable Halloween Hand-out with Two Free Codes!

  1. poliprince says:

    I am new to Next. I want the sloth jack-o-lantern on my account. I went to the Wshop but didn’t see where to enter the code. I need help.

  2. emster7 says:

    So cute in classic!

  3. bonesbongo says:

    These are so cute, thank you for the codes for the Jack o’ lanterns.

  4. merko says:

    Hi Sally, thanks for the info but I have logged out several times, cleared my cache, and I only go into trading to try to receive the medallion, to no avail. If this can’t be fixed then so be it and I won’t pursue this matter any longer.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Your best bet is to contact

      • himtnlady says:

        I have tried emailing webkinz support for the past 2 days, they are not responding. I haven’t been able to get in webkinz next for the past three days now. I keep getting Connection Issue, then Lost Connection to Game Server. I need help and aren’t getting any. What does the Reset Game Cache do, should I try this?

        • Sally Webkinz says:

          Resetting the game cache clears the files that have been saved to your computer to make it faster to load. Clearing it gets rid of any that might be corrupted and redownloads fresh copies. It’s definitely worth giving a try, along with uninstalling/reinstalling.

          • himtnlady says:

            Just tried the Reset Game Cache. The I uninstalled and reinstalled. Doesn’t work. Still getting Lost Connection To Game Server. I have emailed Webkinz SUpport 3 different days and haven’t heard back from them yet. I need this problem fixed as I can’t do anything on it.

    • Mila14 says:

      I have been having the same problem since October 13th. I have not received my daily floaty pet medallion and I try several times a day. I contacted webkinzsupport and have not heard back from them. I kept wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

    • upsetness says:

      I have had the same problem, but only in one of my three accounts. I tried removing my pet buddy, and the problem went away. It’s worth trying.

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